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Get inspired. 5 community-led art projects that have POPP’d a space.
Get inspired. 5 community-led art projects that have POPP’d a space.21.09.2022

Our partner in ping pong, POPP, use their ping pong tables to breathe life into public spaces through vibrant artwork, physical activity and social connectivity. Forever advocates of public playable art, POPP tables help to create authentic, active and engaging outdoor spaces and in doing so, generate real and measurable value for communities. With the ability to be customised by local artists, their tables strengthen the connection to community, enhancing storytelling of the local culture and social identities.

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Tips for creating a universal outdoor gym
Tips for creating a universal outdoor gym21.09.2022

By creating outdoor gyms for all, we are creating a welcoming space for everyone to get both the benefits of exercise and being in the outdoors. By applying the principles of universal design to outdoor fitness sites, we create a space that can not only be used by people with disabilities and people without disabilities, but people of all ages and fitness levels. From fitness fanatics, to first timers and seniors the KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment range has something for everyone.

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Charters Towers Regional Council creates a ‘wheelie’ good asset for the community
Charters Towers Regional Council creates a ‘wheelie’ good asset for the community21.09.2022

A new, custom-designed modular pump track at Defiance Mill Park has become a ‘wheelie’ popular attraction for the Charters Towers community. The newly upgraded, 160-metre long Pump Track was custom-designed to propel riders around the track without pedalling.

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KOMPAN goes from strength to strength
KOMPAN goes from strength to strength21.09.2022

Introducing their NEW Strength Training range. Designed on the same biomechanics and resistance mechanics used for indoor strength machines, yet with added outdoor features such as durability, safety and simplified user experience.

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World first sustainable playground
World first sustainable playground21.09.2022

We are as dedicated to sustainability as we are to children’s play. We believe that it’s our responsibility to care for the environment today, to ensure a better future for our children tomorrow. Not to mention that lowering carbon emissions is on the agenda of the UN and is at the heart of every responsible organisation and person.

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New state-of-the-art Cross Trainer taken outdoors
New state-of-the-art Cross Trainer taken outdoors21.09.2022

The new self-powered outdoor Cross Trainer from Kompan was designed with the best ergonomics on the market and is suitable for everyone, from beginners to well-trained athletes. The Cross Trainer was developed in conjunction with the Kompan Fitness Institute and the Denmark University with the aim to create a product that is equally as effective as an indoor cross-trainer, yet last in an outdoor environment.

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Sensory Nature Play Sculptures
Sensory Nature Play Sculptures21.09.2022

For the first time in 66 million years, a giant dinosaur roams the land. It would swallow 6-year old you in one bite if it wasn't wooden. They have seen the movies and played with the toys, but this is something else. You run into its mouth?! And then slide down its tail?! As you run inside the belly of the beast, rays of sunlight peek between the wooden panels, only increasing the adventure and excitement.

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Outdoor Fitness Bike Wins Good Design Award
Outdoor Fitness Bike Wins Good Design Award21.09.2022

"Beautiful, considered design that is very innovative for this segment. All the components work really well together to deliver a really well designed and engineered product that will make a difference to the health and wellbeing of many people. Well done."

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A new way of outdoor biking
A new way of outdoor biking21.09.2022

Combining advanced technology, durable design and the features of an indoor bike, we are proud to release the NEW Sports Bike and City Bike from KOMPAN. Their revolutionary design incorporates a self-powered electrical motor that creates resistance similar to a real road cycle and a world-first LCD Touchscreen on an outdoor fitness bike.

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