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How to Create Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Playgrounds

Posted on 01.09.2016 in Industry , Inspiration

At Urban Play, we’re passionate about delivering research-backed playground solutions that aid children’s development and equip them for their future. But we also know that in an increasingly climate conscious world, it is important to invest in sustainable solutions for the children who use our play spaces.

As playground designers, we know that the best way we can make an environmental difference is through our playgrounds.

We are committed to building the highest quality, eco-friendly park, school, and destination playgrounds, and we have put together a how-to guide for creating sustainable children’s play equipment so you can partner with us in creating innovative and environmentally friendly play solutions.

Use Recycled Materials

The equipment that makes up your playground has a big impact. The majority of carbon emissions for playground manufacturers come through the production of raw materials so choosing recycled materials can make a big difference. Look for play equipment made from recyclable steel and aluminium, as well as 100% recycled or recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Like the FSC certificate for sustainable forestry, you can check for green certificates from builders and suppliers such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001.

Recycled materials can also be used across ancillary elements of your playground too. Consider investing in street furniture made of recycled wood or metal or find out whether your rubber softfall is made from recycled rubber. If you are removing trees, old softfall, or rocks to make room for your new space consider how these can be repurposed. Old wood can form garden beds for a community veggie patch, sand can be used in fire pits or compost piles, and discarded rocks can form stepping stones.


Invest in Quality Materials

Although a cheap playground can seem like a good idea in the short term, more often than not cheaply made playground equipment won’t last and will need replacing sooner. With many playground manufacturers not using recyclable materials in their products, a lot of playground equipment ends up in landfill once they reach the end of their lifetime. Investing in equipment with a long warranty and proven durability helps keep waste out of landfill and your playground open for longer.

Get Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important not just for keeping your playground safe, functional and looking good, it also lengthens the life of your playground. With regular maintenance, you’ll prevent premature breakage and reduce the need for future spending on repairs, spare parts or replacement equipment. Urban Play offers regular maintenance services as part of our post-sales package.


Use Responsibly Sourced Materials

Nature playgrounds are based on research that indicates children benefit from being in natural surroundings and engaging with nature. Nature playgrounds can involve play items created from natural materials like sand and wood, which are environmentally friendly to produce. According to the Canberra Nature Play Initiative, children who are involved in nature play are physically and mentally healthier and develop greater creativity. If you want a sustainable playground, make sure your builders and suppliers carry the FSC responsible forestry seal of approval.


Our commercial playgrounds are an investment, and all our equipment is designed and built for longevity. If you want to find more about what custom sustainable playground solutions are available for your play space, call us on (07) 3256 0554 or email us at info@urbanplay.com.au.



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