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Play Value Increases with Sensory Play Features
Play Value Increases with Sensory Play Features25.06.2020

Use it or lose it! That is the rule of brain development in early childhood. As children explore, and learn through play, they are strengthening their brain’s connections. When a child turns 3 years, they have around 1000 trillion brain connections (synapses) which in later development are selectively pruned (Australian Early Development Consensus, 2006).

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Keeping kids active at home | DIY Outdoor Obstacle Course
Keeping kids active at home | DIY Outdoor Obstacle Course25.06.2020

Race over, under, in-between and around obstacles in your own backyard. This play activity will not only get the heart rate up, it can be done as a team or individually and is guaranteed to be filled with giggles (when you catch your breath).

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Designing a playground? Consult the experts.
Designing a playground? Consult the experts.25.06.2020

For a playground to become a successful social hub that buzzes with activity and to be a space the community benefits from socially and economically, it needs to be designed by expert play consultants. There are two major factors that underpin a well-designed playground: play equipment that is user-tested and backed by years of research and development combined with functional design principles.

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