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Designing a playground? Consult the experts.

Posted on 06.02.2020 in Company News , Education , Industry

 Recent media hot topics have highlighted the negative impacts a poorly designed playspace can have for a client and a community. Building a playground may sound as easy as child’s play, but the reality is, it is complicated and experts should be consulted throughout the process.

For a playground to become a successful social hub that buzzes with activity and to be a space the community benefits from socially and economically, it needs to be designed by expert play consultants. There are two major factors that underpin a well-designed playground: play equipment that is user-tested and backed by years of research and development combined with functional design principles.

A playground is a pretty special place. It’s a place where kids can roam free and engage in unstructured play. It’s a place where they can run, shout, jump, crawl and slide. It’s a place where they use their minds as much as their hands and feet. Playgrounds play a massive role in the developing happy and healthy Aussie kids – so why is equipment being used that is not proven to develop?

At Urban Play, we are passionate about play which is why we only partner with companies who are dedicated to stimulate the development of social, physical and cognitive skills. We partner with world-leading playground equipment manufacturers who are dedicated to making the world a better place through play and have been for over 50 years.

There are many playgrounds out there that may look visually amazing, however lack play value and user-testing. This lack of user research results in poor design outcomes and in some cases, can cause physical harm to playground users.

When children are in a natural state of play, they do not move in a straight line. Our playgrounds are designed on the premise that every child is unique and every play node will be experienced differently. Principles of movement, flow of the space, transitions and zones are taken into consideration from the very beginning to ensure a playspace that is not only thrilling and exciting, but is safe and age appropriate.

It’s a fact, Aussie kids are getting more obese, reporting a higher rate of anxiety and depression and their general overall health is decreasing. The increase in screen time and calorie dense foods paired with a decrease in physical activity and time spent outdoors are contributing to the health epidemic that is facing our kids today.

Playground designers, landscape architects, architects and planners play a crucial role in the design of playgrounds and motivating families to get outside and play.

At Urban Play, our greatest ambition is to create an outdoor space that will ignite a lifelong passion for play, empowering those who use our spaces to live stronger, healthier and more playful lives. From ages zero to 100 and everyone in-between, our spaces combine world-class research and design principles to create a space where people are free to move and push their boundaries.

The industry is at a point where architecture, design and landscape trends are heavily impacting playground design but we have to ask ourselves – who are we designing the playgrounds for?

If you have any upcoming project or questions about a current project you are working on, give the experts a call – 3256 0554.