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Burning off that Easter chocolate buzz – 10 games to play with your kids

Posted on 08.04.2020 in Company News

While this Easter will not be like one we have ever experienced before, it is still an occasion to enjoy the company of our family, indulge in chocolate and make virtual contact with our friends. From the school-yard classic Handball to the heart-racing ‘What’s the time MR Wolf’, we have put togher a few of our favourite childhood games hat can be played together as a family to get everyone moving and helps to burn off the sugar-high buzz from the Easter treats.

1. Dance & freeze Party

This is a great activity for the whole family and can be played indoors or outdoors. Choose one person to be in charge of the music, ask them to pick a song and turn it up! When the song starts playing everyone must dance, the crazier the better and when the DJ hits pause – everyone must freeze & hold that position. The last person to freeze is the new DJ. Keep playing until everyone has had a turn at being DJ or until you cannot dance anymore.

Play UP tip: bring back those classic dance moves that your kids may have not seen before – the sprinkler, the moonwalk and of course, the nut bush. You will have them laughing (at you) for hours on end.

2. Hopscotch

An old school classic, Hopscotch is a great game for the development of motor skills and balance. It can be played outside on the driveway drawn on with chalk or inside by ruling out the area with masking tape.

Play UP tip – for younger children, be sure to call out the numbers as children hop along to encourage the development of basic counting skills.


3. Handball

For many of us, primary and high school consisted of handball competitions before school, after school and at lunch. The competitive nature of our friends, laughter and boasting could be heard throughout the school yards as we battled it out moving positions from King to Queen, Jack to Dunce. Handball is a great game for people of all ages and is a great way to get the body moving whilst developing hand-eye coordination. It can be played with two players or four players – just grab some chalk and draw one line for two players or a plus to create squares for four players.

4. Nerf Gun Battles

Play individually or team up – a Nerf gun battle is sure to get the heart racing. Crawl, ride, hide & slide – just don’t get shot by the Nerf bullets! Practice your Nerf Gun shooting skills by setting up targets on the back fence or hanging cups by string from the clothes line – each cup could be worth a different point.

5. Floor is Lava

“Quick – jump – the lava is coming!”

As you move from pillow to couch, just make sure of one thing – don’t touch the floor! This game will have you filled with laughter as you move around from one item to the next. Balance, coordination and agility are put to the test in the classic indoor game which is fun for the whole family.

Play UP tip – Be sure to move anything valuable that may get knocked over in the process or randomly sticky tape coloured squares to the floor and jump from one to the other.

6. Backyard Bowling

Backyard bowling is one of our all-time favourites and is suitable to be played inside or outside. To make your own, use empty water bottles half filled with water and grab a tennis ball. Find a flat surface, line the water bottles up in a pyramid shape and bowl!

Play UP Tip – get creative and fill the water bottle up with half water and glow sticks to play a game of night time bowling.

7. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Get ready for running and lots of laughs. This classic game can be played with the whole family and is a great way for incidental outdoor exercise. One player is chosen to be ‘Mr Wolf” who stands at one end of the yard facing away from the players who are lined up horizontally at the other end of the yard. The players call out “what’s the time Mr. Wolf” and Mr. Wolf turns around and shouts a time (e.g. 3 o’clock). As Mr Wolf turns back around, the players take 3 steps forward while shouting again “What’s the time Mr Wolf” this is repeated until the players are closer to Mr Wolf. When the players are closer, Mr Wolf can respond “its dinner time” while he chases the players back to the starting line with the aim to catch one of them who will then be Mr Wolf for the next round of the game.

8. Hula Hooping

Hula Hoops are a great way to get moving, strengthen muscles and develop coordination. From the classic hula hoop spin to hula hooping on your leg, see who can Hula Hoop for the longest time!

9. Kick the Ball

There are so many games that can be played outside with all ball, no matter your age or ability. Soccer, dodgeball, touch football, tunnel ball, over and under, donkey, piggy in the middle and clap catch… just to name a few!

10. Enjoy your local park – go for a walk, scooter or bike ride

We are currently not able to enjoy our local playgrounds but there is still so much we can do to get outside and enjoy our local parks. Ride your bike, scooter, rollerblade or go for a walk down to your local park. Kick the ball with your family, practice cartwheels, run around with your dog or go on a bird-spotting walk.