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Ten Pieces of Park Play Equipment to Reinvigorate a Park

Posted on 11.10.2016 in Industry , Inspiration , Products

Is your park’s play equipment looking tired and out-of-date? Sometimes one new feature makes all the difference. Breathe new life into any existing park playground with a new piece of play equipment from Urban Play’s extensive range of commercial park playground equipment. Look beyond traditional play for some innovative designs to inspire play for all ages.  Here are some picks from our catalogue:


1. Climbing Nets

Corocords range of spacenets are striking climbing structures that turn playgrounds into destinations. Constructed in complex shapes such as cuboctahedrons and octahedrons, your kids will get lost in these climbing nets as they enjoy physical movement and learn about space and dimension.


2. Climbing Structures

These climbing structures are just as visually stimulating  but instead of being made from nets, they’re made from giant three-dimensional shapes studded with climbing handles.


3. The Boat

The Boat is part of our themed play for children aged 2-10. Themed play equipment facilitates kids’social and linguistic development through interaction, role play and conversation. Other themed play structures include gas stations and stunning animal sculptures such as parrots and iguanas.


4. Springer

Springers are some of our favourite springers for their vibrant and imaginative designs. From fairy-tale dogs to ugly ducklings, these springers are loved by children for their charming mythical quality.


5. Themed Play

Ocean and Jungle Large structures such as storymakers have high play value in such a small footprint and all round benefits for children’s development, stimulating themed play, dialogue and physical movement. They feature a combination of traditional play equipment such as enclosed structures and nets, in addition to newer elements like towers.


6. Vehicles and ships

Trains, trucks and fire engines are staples of a child’s imagination. Vehicles and ships invite children in with their brilliant designs, and promote creativity with their controls, wheels and interactive elements.


7. Spinning Pieces

The Spinning pieces are an innovative take on the traditional merry-go-round providing fun social play and balance training. The five seats are comfortable to get in and out where children lie and sit. Older children may challenge their agility by sitting up and trying to stand as the carousel spins. Younger children will invent simple games according to seat colour. Children can work the Spinner up to a speedy spin for a thrilling and fun ride.


9. Water and Sand Play

Water play is quickly becoming more popular in playgrounds across Australia. Children love getting their hands dirty and exploring the mechanics of water as it passes from fountain to pipe and into basins. Combine with sand play for exceptional play value.