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Keeping kids active at home | DIY Outdoor Obstacle Course

Posted on 30.03.2020 in Children's development , Education , Inspiration

Race over, under, in-between and around obstacles in your own backyard. This play activity will not only get the heart rate up, it can be done as a team or individually and is guaranteed to be filled with giggles (when you catch your breath).

When we are young, play and physical activity are essential for the development of happy & healthy kids. Jumping, crawling, bouncing, climbing and running encourages the development of balance, agility, bone density, coordination, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills and logical thinking.

Get creative with any household items, here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Pool noodles – Put some stakes in the ground and place the pool noodles on each end. These can be used to jump over or crawl under and make for a colourful course.
  • Rope – Lying around in nearly every shed or garage, rope can be used as a balance beam or for agility. Place in a straight line on the ground for kids to balance on or place it in a zig zag pattern to challenge their agility.
  • Ball – Use any sized ball to work on hand-eye-coordination, fine and gross motor skills and muscle development. There are a range of activities that can be done depending on your children’s skill. Stand on the spot, throw the ball in the air and repeat five times, if you want to get tricky – add a clap before the catch or for younger children, grab a bucket and aim to throw the ball into the bucket.
  • Laundry baskets & broom – Using two laundry baskets and a broom, create an obstacle for children to jump over or crawl under.
  • Tinned food – Not just a pantry staple, tinned food can be used in replacement as cones or markers. As children dodge or zig zag from side to side, they are using their agility, balance and coordination.
  • Pillows – Create steppers with old pillows and jump from one to another – pretend the floor is lava!
  • Yoga or fitness mat – Lay this out in the obstacle course and use it as a place to do somersaults or handstands as a challenge in the course.
  • Hula Hoop – Lay them out for children to run or jump through. Mix it up and challenge them to hula hoop in each circle or hop from hoop to hoop on one leg.

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to continue to encourage our kids to play! Play not only has physical benefits, it will contribute to a positive mental well-being, enhance brain development and our relationship with our children as we play alongside them.

At Urban Play, play is our passion.



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