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Make your space POPP…

Posted on 28.11.2017 in Company News , outdoor , ping pong , Products , public , queensland

“POPP Public Outdoor Ping Pong Tables are proven – over 500 times – to activate outdoor spaces and engage community members. The diverse types of communities, environments and locations POPP has placed tables, highlights the low barriers of entry (cost, age and skill level), high accessibility and the cross-cultural universality of the game.”

Public Outdoor Ping Pong (also known as POPP), offers a unique way to make use of an under-utilised public space whilst cultivating and enhancing community engagement. These outdoor ping pong tables create a place for community members to interact in a fun, casual and social way, which is free of charge.

Ping Pong Kids

Ping Pong isn’t just a fun game to play with your family and friends, there are also proven medical benefits to the game. Playing Ping Pong can improve hand-eye coordination, balance, mental alertness, concentrating and tactical strategy. POPP is perfect for learning environments and offers a range of benefits for students, the student community and the physical place. As an ideal non-contact sport Ping-Pong is excellent for players of any skill level or ability to get involved.

Outdoor Australian public ping pong table

POPP tables are permanent, able to be played year-round, weatherproof and near indestructible. Offered in three distinct ping pong table styles; Flagship, Local and Ephemeralist. The Flagship table has the ability to be customised with any artwork being able to be applied to its surface. This allows local communities and artists to be involved in the design process and cultivates a sense of ownership and pride once the project has been completed. Not only does this allow a community to portray their own message and individuality, it is also seen to drastically decrease graffiti vandalism.

“ The Ping Pong table is our legacy to the community… it is something that will be enjoyed by everyone in the community, encouraging them to get active and be social for many years to come.”