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Q & A | Hinchinbrook Shire Council

Posted on 08.09.2021 in Children's development , Company News , Inspiration

The inspiration for Rotary Park was Ingham’s rich Sugar Cane heritage, how did the design cater to your vision?

The playground equipment that has been delivered by Urban Play  in Rotary Park has absolutely delivered on the vision that was first discussed on concept, many years ago.  The design and delivery of this equipment has captured the styles, colours and also incorporated multiple levels of interaction for participants.  The design not only first inspires and excites engagement, my observation is that the children continue to discover new features each time they play on the equipment.

The project was done through a tender process, what drew you to Urban Play’s design?

Urban Plays design was the most attractive with the main feature of play being the cane train equipment as the focal point. Urban play’s submission played a story from start to finish that included images of the Hinchinbrook Sugar Cane history. The playground featured equipment to target all aged groups, accessibility to the public, including all wheel accessibility and inclusive play equipment. The Rotary Park playground design was aesthetically pleasing and cohesive to the urban surrounds also including ample seating space inside the fenced area which were key items lacking in the existing playground.

The combined proposal presented for consideration was a stand out from other proposals, due to the vision and creativity to deliver a unique solution that the community would embrace.  It was not a “generic” product that would be seen in other playgrounds across the region.

What has the feedback been from the community?

The feedback from the community has been outstandingly positive! The level of engagement, participant and enjoyment this playground is now delivering has exceeded my expectations and this space is now considerably more activated with families more broadly enjoying all the facilities within the Rotary Park space.

Have you noticed many travellers stopping?

Very rarely has the playground been empty since it opened – even the rain did not stop people! Speaking to local business owners adjacent to the park have mentioned the considerable increase in numbers of travellers stopping to play in the park, visit businesses and use the surrounding facilities.

What is your favourite thing about the playground?

My most favourite thing has been witnessing the excitement that the playground has bought to so many families that are now regularly using this space and enjoying the park. It brings the entire CBD precinct to life and many passing motorists are noticing and are attracted to stop and engage.

Now that the project is completed, how did you find working with Urban Play?

Urban Plays team have been very supportive throughout the entirety of project management. Urban Play’s local consultant continually worked with us to ensure the project catered for our desires and ensured we met funding deadlines.

 How did you find Urban Play’s post-sale marketing support?

The support received from Urban Play has been fantastic. Urban Play guided us with the media release on the opening of the playground and provided feedback. Urban Play also had the playground professionally photographed for the final completion and provided Council with access to the images to utilise for future marketing.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council has recently installed three playgrounds within the region. Urban Play have been the only company that have wanted to do large scale marketing with Council on the final completion of playground installation.




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