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3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…

Posted on 26.04.2019 in Company News , Industry

Shopping centres are getting bigger and better every year due to increased rivalry from other centres, as well as the online shopping revolution. For shopping centres to remain competitive, retail developers are constantly reinvigorating and reinventing the typical shopping centre format to create a space that offers more than just shopping.

‘Retailment’ a mix of retail and entertainment is now weaved into shopping centre formats to encourage families to the centre. A mix of family-friendly events, pop-up shops, workshops and playgrounds are the solution to creating a space that offers more than just a shopping experience.

Playgrounds have become increasingly important in the format of shopping centres due to their ability to engage the whole family. Offering more than a family-fun day out and an improved customer experience, here are three more reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…..

1. Increases visitation

Playgrounds can transform a shopping centre from just a ‘place to go shopping’ to a must-visit destination. We all know how hard it can be to convince children to come shopping, a playground can be used as the ‘carrot’ in motivating children to the shopping centre.

Playgrounds are also a key driver in shopping centre choice as it gives children (and parents) a break between shopping errands, lets kids burn off some energy and can act as a reward for good behaviour while shopping.

2. Increases spending

As much as retail developments want to create more than just a shopping experience, they also want their leasers to have a return on investment. A playground drives visitation frequency and encourages families to spend more time and money in the centre. A recent study found that 82% of parents or carers typically make a purchase while their children are in the play area (Starburst Insights, 2016).

3. Boosts appeal of centre

A playground in a shopping centre boosts the appeal of the centre to families along with portraying a family-focused and child-friendly image. The shopping centre is then perceived as an easier shopping experience for the parents or carers and enables them to choose the shopping centre with a playground over centres without.