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Get inspired. 5 community-led art projects that have POPP’d a space.

Posted on 21.09.2022 in artwork , Community , Company News , Inspiration , ping pong , place making , playground , Products

As our cities see increased growth and our built environment adapts to mirror the growth, our urban landscape is constantly evolving. Place making is a tool used to reconnect residents and communities with their urban landscape by creating an inviting space that enhances social connectedness. Globally, public art is used as a place-making strategy to drive urban regeneration and boost social capital.

Our partner in ping pong, POPP, use their ping pong tables to breathe life into public spaces through vibrant artwork, physical activity and social connectivity. Forever advocates of public playable art, POPP tables help to create authentic, active and engaging outdoor spaces and in doing so, generate real and measurable value for communities. With the ability to be customised by local artists, their tables strengthen the connection to community, enhancing storytelling of the local culture and social identities.

Here are our 5 favourite ping pong tables decorated by artists:

University of Canberra

Located outside university lecture halls, the echo of a ping pong rally can be heard after class as students battle it out on the bright blue ping pong table. Adorned with unique hand-painted indigenous designs that represent the student journey, the table creates a vibrant and fun focal point where students can meet, play & relax.

Decorated by contemporary aboriginal artist Danielle Mate Sullivan, the table embodies a Journey Line, a symbol that talks about a moving journey from one place to another, with the circles representing a place to stop and the U shapes people.  The ‘modern vibe’ of the design encapsulates its surrounding environment with the design using a traditional symbol in a contemporary way. (Uncover, 2019).



Geneff Park, Sorrento, Western Australia

Through the City of Joondalup’s Mural Arts Program, Kerise Delcoure, was commissioned to add a burst of colour to outdoor ping pong tables throughout the region. The resulting works are a vibrant celebration of the native flora and fauna found within the locality – most specifically the endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo.

The Kalaroo artist worked with year 5 students at a local school to design the flora and fauna-themed murals. Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the POPP tables combined the game of ping pong, the colour and storytelling of artwork and the value of placemaking to create a playful amenity in their communities. (Perth Now, 2022)

Kelly Park, South-West Melbourne

A creative collaboration between Wyndham City Council and local artist, Minna Leunig, resulted in a series of artworks throughout the community that feature bold silhouettes, organic lines and harmonious patterns. The POPP table within Kelly Park was used as an effective tool to connect a nearby mural and continue to tell the story throughout the park.

Playful silhouettes of marsupials, birds, lizards, fish and other Australian animals cover the entire exterior in a hypnotising pattern of colours and shapes. The playful images are inspired by the unique beauty and feeling across a vast array of native Australian landscapes – all the way from the dry sclerophyll forests of the Strathbogie ranges, to the tangled mangroves and thick rainforests of Cape York. (Minna Leunig)

Latin America Plaza, Civic Square, Canberra

Known as the cultural hub of the Canberra City, Civic Square is immersed in the local arts scene with surrounding theatres, galleries and museums. Paying homage to the unique cultural identity, two bold and brightly decorated ping pong tables found in the Latin American Plaza of Civic Square breathe new life into the precinct.Coordinated by the City Renewal Authority, the ping pong tables were used as a place making tool to brighten up the city through urban tactical initiatives and to activate the use of underutilised public space.

All Saints College, Bull Creek, Western Australia

Painted by an incredibly talented group of year 9 visual art students and their teaching staff, the two POPP tables at All Saints College has added a welcome splash of colour to the common area at the Bull Creek Campus.

Activating the underutilised space has generated an endless amount of laughter, cheers of victory and provided a space for creative kids to take ownership of their learning environment and make it their own.



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