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Accessible Tourism Infrastructure Grants
Accessible Tourism Infrastructure Grants27.03.2023

2023 may be the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac but for Queensland Tourism it is the Year of Accessible Tourism. The Queensland Government has committed $12 million to upgrading accessibility in the industry with $8 million pledged to improve infrastructure through the Accessible Tourism Infrastructure Grant.

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Teaching kids about sustainability
Teaching kids about sustainability27.03.2023

Whether it’s through at home recycling efforts or investing in sustainable playgrounds for your community, here are three easy ways to introduce age-appropriate sustainability practices to children.

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5 reasons your caravan park needs a playground
5 reasons your caravan park needs a playground27.03.2023

Playgrounds and splash parks turn any caravan park into a preferred destination. They create engaging and fun play experiences that are increasingly sought when trying to pick a family holiday destination. From splash parks to pump tracks and playgrounds to ping pong, there’s a play solution for every guest experience.

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3 sustainable playground designs for every space and budget
3 sustainable playground designs for every space and budget27.03.2023

With the Federal Government’s announcement of net-zero carbon by 2050, progressive designers, planners, builders and developers are taking action. To create healthier, sustainable and prosperous communities, we need to look beyond energy efficiency and assess our council greenspaces, master-planned communities and supply chains as a whole.

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Charters Towers Regional Council creates a ‘wheelie’ good asset for the community
Charters Towers Regional Council creates a ‘wheelie’ good asset for the community27.03.2023

A new, custom-designed modular pump track at Defiance Mill Park has become a ‘wheelie’ popular attraction for the Charters Towers community. The newly upgraded, 160-metre long Pump Track was custom-designed to propel riders around the track without pedalling.

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Designing a playground? Consult the experts.
Designing a playground? Consult the experts.27.03.2023

For a playground to become a successful social hub that buzzes with activity and to be a space the community benefits from socially and economically, it needs to be designed by expert play consultants. There are two major factors that underpin a well-designed playground: play equipment that is user-tested and backed by years of research and development combined with functional design principles.

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3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…
3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…27.03.2023

Shopping centres are getting bigger and better every year due to increased rivalry from other centres, as well as the online shopping revolution. For shopping centres to remain competitive, retail developers are constantly reinvigorating and reinventing the typical shopping centre format to create a space that offers more than just shopping.

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2019 Playground Trends
2019 Playground Trends27.03.2023

Urban Play is at the fore-front of creating spaces that are integrate current and upcoming playground trends. Each year, playspaces are evolving from exposure to research, culture and landscape design. In 2019, major play trends will focus on; Collaborative Play, Sculptural Play and Nature Play.

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