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3 Signs your Playground needs a Health Check

Posted on 29.08.2016 in Education , Industry

According to official standards for playground safety, you should get your playground inspected at least once a year by a professional level three playground inspector.  However depending on the popularity of the park and the commercial playground equipment installed, sometimes conducting regular health checks as often as weekly is required. Not only does this keep your playground safe and fun for  all, it ensures your playground lasts well into the future and complies with manufacturer’s warranty conditions. If you’re wondering what could possibly go wrong with your playground, here are three signs that it’s time for playground equipment maintenance:


1. You’ve had extreme weather

Checking your playground regularly is so important, especially given the extreme weather we get here in Australia. The playground may be fine one day and damaged the next. If you’ve had extreme weather, be sure to check all supporting structures for stability, and check the ground for tripping hazards. A tree branch which was fine before may have moved to eye level, and litter which was in the bin could have made its way into the sand pit. It’s also important to check your shades. This is an area of the adventure playground which is often overlooked during playground checks.

2. Surfaces are looking Shabby

It’s always important to check playground surfaces, the soft fall height and its condition. When kids play its go go go, so removing any potential tripping hazards from fast little feet like tree roots, rocks, edging and hard objects is vital.

Soft fill like sand and bark need to be checked to ensure that it’s distributed evenly in the required areas and the depth meets the playground safety standards to absorb potential impact.

3. You’re lacking a regular playground maintenance schedule

As mentioned above, the Australian Standards for Playgrounds AS/NZS 4486 requires yearly inspections by a trained expert. However, we recommend having one of your staff who is trained in safety to conduct a playground equipment inspection weekly. While they may not be able to recognise faults as accurately as a professional, they can still clear the area of potential hazards and debris as well as dangerous insects and spiders.

Unsure about how to maintain your playground?


Depending on the popularity of the destination, the commercial playground equipment within the park and other external factors will determine the ideal maintenance schedule. Whether its weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, our expert playground maintenance team will work with you to take the worry out of it.

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