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The Top 5 Things to Consider When Creating All Inclusive Playgrounds

Posted on 30.06.2016 in Education , Inspiration , Products

Every child, regardless of physical and intellectual abilities has the right to meaningful play. With every playground Urban Play designs, every mind, every body and everything is considered to create fun, stimulating and safe playgrounds.

1. Every Mind and Every Body

Regardless of age, nationality, gender, religious beliefs, physical and intellectual abilities, children have the right to play with others.

2. Safe But Not Boring

Providing a safe area for kids to explore is important but creating a space that challenges through self-managed risk assessment and perceived independence is equally as important. The aim is to excite over and over again.

3. Sensory Stimulation

Multi-Sensory consideration in design include colour, sound, texture, movement and versatile activities. A principle of our universal design is multifunctionality; meaning combinations can be used in a variety of different ways.

4. Accessibility

While ramps and accessible stairs provide access to elevated levels for the physically challenged, every mind needs access to activities like swinging, sliding, climbing, rocking and spinning that will help essential cognitive development.

5. It’s not all go go go…

A well designed play destination is one that encourages a community to come together. Providing shade, seating and undercover areas creates a retreat for passive play opportunities and encourages development of social skills.

Urban Play is on a mission to build playgrounds that are destinations, the lifeblood of a park. A well designed space where boring is banished. A place that a community is proud of. A legacy for future generations. Get inspired by visiting our portfolio at urbanplay.com.au

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