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5 benefits of water play in early childhood development

Posted on 08.02.2018 in Children's development , Education

5 Benefits of water play equipment in Early Childhood Development

Make a splash in your playground. Water play equipment is perfect for schools, childcare centres, public parks and residential developments.

Here are 5 benefits that water play can have on Early Childhood Development:



1. Increases social and emotional development

Water play can be a therapeutic activity for children due to its repetitive nature. It has been known to release tension and emotions through pounding, pouring and splashing. Water play with others teaches kids social skills such as taking turns, sharing the equipment and materials and playing co-operatively.


2. Learning basic maths and science and problem solving Skills

You may not realise it, but allowing kids to play with water is a great way to introduce them to various scientific and mathematic concepts. Playing with water introduces kids to volume, measurement, estimation and physics. Pouring out, filling up and using various sized objects introduce kids to concepts such as full, empty, more than and less than.



3. Language development

Water play is an excellent way for kids to experience new words such as pouring, empty, splash, squirt, sink and more! It is a great way to interact with children as they are playing and asking them with questions or explaining what is happening – for example – ‘Look at that, the cup is sinking.’

4. Develops motor skills

Pouring, splashing, stirring, squeezing, measuring and grabbing enables kids to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. By running their hands through the water and feeling different temperatures they widen their sensory experiences.

5. Learn basic problem solving skills

When children are experimenting with water play, they begin to learn how and why things happen. They are learning that objects can float or sink, objects can be full or hall full and that some objects can take more or less water than others. Playing with water also helps to inspire a child’s imagination and develops creative thinking which plays a major part in problem solving.


Urban Play has installed water play equipment throughout schools, parks, childcare centres and developments throughout Queensland. Our water play equipment is from industry-leaders Kompan and Richter who have been designing, testing and producing high-quality water play equipment for over 50 years. Our all inclusive water play equipment will inspire and captivate children of all ages.