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Best Inner Brisbane Playgrounds

Posted on 08.12.2022 in Brisbane Playgrounds , Company News , Inner Brisbane Playgrounds , Playgrounds

Riverside Green, South Bank

After exploring the Christmas markets, parades, and displays, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the CBD to discover the Riverside Green playground. A staple of South Bank since 2015, this playground remains ever popular thanks to the innovative and inclusive play equipment. More daring children can climb to the top of the skywalk to explore the cabins while an inclusive toddler pirate ship offers fun for all ages and abilities. The swings, embankment play, mouse house, and spinners offer plenty to explore.

Why we love it: Toilets, BBQs, Picnic Spaces, Proximity to CBD

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Ken Fletcher Park, Tennyson

The playground at Ken Fletcher Park pays tribute to the area’s history and gives those playing the sense they are inside a power station. The primary play space is filled with climbing nets and themed play panels while the surrounding area includes sand and water play stations, swings, seesaws and slides.

Why we love it: BBQs, Toilets, Proximity to Shops, Bike Paths

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Chalk Street Playground, Lutwyche

The multi-towered play structure that finds itself at home at Chalk Street is sure to delight children of all ages. With multiple paths on and off the structure, children can find new ways to play each visit. Younger children can use the steps to access three slides while bolder children can climb the nets and climbing walls to reach the curly climber and higher slide. With a spica and a basket swing also situated in the park, there is plenty of fun for all children.

Why we love it: Shade Sails, Proximity to Shops and Toilets, Exercise Equipment, Picnic Tables


Fernwood Park, Taigum

This space-themed playground will spark the imaginations of future astronauts. With its rocket shaped play structure, Mars Rover cart, swings and tipi carousal, children have opportunities to rock, climb, slide and swing. Rubber softfall is used underfoot, ensuring the park is accessible for all children and carers.

Why we love it: Green Space, Rubber Softfall, Picnic Benches, Water Bubblers


Sir John Chandler Park, Indooroopoilly

This pirate ship brings adventure and fun to the shores of the Brisbane River. The large boat has play opportunities spread across two levels with the surrounding area enhanced with a shark springer, tipi carousal, swing set and octopus seesaw. Sure to spark a child’s imagination, younger children and toddlers can easily explore the ship thanks to the low-level play opportunities and step access while older kids can climb the rigging to explore the top deck and slide.

Why we love it: Picnic Tables, Shade Sails, BBQ, Boat Ramp, River Views