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2024 Outdoor Space Design Trends That Will Dominate.
2024 Outdoor Space Design Trends That Will Dominate.10.01.2024

As our diverse communities, technology, materials, and construction methods evolve, they will continue to shape the design of outdoor environments. In 2024, this influence will see the transformation of our public spaces, playgrounds, and fitness parks into places that create thriving communities.

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3 themed playgrounds that transport imaginations
3 themed playgrounds that transport imaginations10.01.2024

Themed playgrounds transport childrens imaginations into a world of magic and fantasy. Urban Play have over 20 years experience creating themed playground solutions for every space, child and community.

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A new urban quarter
A new urban quarter10.01.2024

The city of Heilbronn have revitalised an urban quarter putting people back at the heart of its design. Known for its fragmentation, the inner river landscape of Heilbronn is now reconnected by four landscape bands creating a conitnous flowing landscape and harmoniously joining the old and new urban quarters.

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Get inspired. 5 community-led art projects that have POPP’d a space.
Get inspired. 5 community-led art projects that have POPP’d a space.10.01.2024

Our partner in ping pong, POPP, use their ping pong tables to breathe life into public spaces through vibrant artwork, physical activity and social connectivity. Forever advocates of public playable art, POPP tables help to create authentic, active and engaging outdoor spaces and in doing so, generate real and measurable value for communities. With the ability to be customised by local artists, their tables strengthen the connection to community, enhancing storytelling of the local culture and social identities.

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Terminal 4: Chandelier
Terminal 4: Chandelier10.01.2024

The Chandelier Net is a beautiful five-storey netted playground installed in Singapore's famous, Changi Airport. Designed to light up the transit area of Terminal 4, the structure perfectly combines sculpture and play to create a functional work of art. Anchored to both the ceiling and ground, this structure features sliding poles and double helix shaped climbing nets to not only provide opportunities for climbing and jumping but also rest and relaxation.

Architectural Inspirations, Coromesh Creations.
Architectural Inspirations, Coromesh Creations.10.01.2024

Corocord’s play journey began in the 1970s and since then they have pioneered the rope play industry. Founded by Berlin Architect, Conrad Roland, Corocord’s architectural rope play solutions are found in playgrounds all over the world. The inventor of the SpaceNet, Roland went onto build the largest Four Mast Space Net in the world for the international Garden Exhibition in Dusseldorf. With a fascination for architectural tensile structures, it was natural that Roland turned for inspiration to visionary architect Frei Otto. A German Architect and structural engineer, Frei Otto was well-known for his studies of contemporary lightweight architecture.

5 reasons your caravan park needs a playground
5 reasons your caravan park needs a playground10.01.2024

Playgrounds and splash parks turn any caravan park into a preferred destination. They create engaging and fun play experiences that are increasingly sought when trying to pick a family holiday destination. From splash parks to pump tracks and playgrounds to ping pong, there’s a play solution for every guest experience.

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Parks Week 2022 | When we were young
Parks Week 2022 | When we were young10.01.2024

In celebration of Parks Week 2022, we sat down with our team to find out about their first park, their favourite playground and what they are most excited about this year. Parks Week is about celebrating the vital role that parks play in creating liveable cities and communities. The focus of Parks Week 2022, is about how spending time in our parks and open spaces positively influences our well being.

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3 sustainable playground designs for every space and budget
3 sustainable playground designs for every space and budget10.01.2024

With the Federal Government’s announcement of net-zero carbon by 2050, progressive designers, planners, builders and developers are taking action. To create healthier, sustainable and prosperous communities, we need to look beyond energy efficiency and assess our council greenspaces, master-planned communities and supply chains as a whole.

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