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Tips for creating a universal outdoor gym

Posted on 07.07.2022 in gym , KOMPAN , Outdoor fitness , outdoor gym , Products

Inclusion in outdoor fitness is about creating spaces that are useful and welcoming for everybody. Inclusion is not about creating segregated areas for specific users, but about creating a truly integrated environment. Created by the KOMPAN Fitness Insitute, these two outdoor gym solutions apply the principles of universal design, creating a space where everyone can workout, no matter your age, ability or fitness level.

Every age, every body and everyone.

This outdoor gym solution has it all. Strength machines, cardio machines, flexibility and stretching equipment, seniors fitness equipment and whole body workouts, you won’t need a gym membership if this was placed in your neighbourhood.

8 tips for creating an inclusive outdoor gym:

1. Incorporate strength equipment that can be used directly from a wheelchair.

2. Include strength machines that have wide seats making it easy to transfer from a wheelchair.

3. Use functional training equipment that can be used directly from a wheelchair or from the ground.

4. Incorporate exercise items that have rails and support for the correct body position.

5. Offer various types of cardio equipment for all abilities.

6. Easy access to items, spaces for rest and clear communication and instructions.

7. Use bright, vibrant colours or colour coded zones that create contrast for users with visual impairment.

8. Create a considered balance between openness and a feeling of safety.

(KOMPAN Fitness Insitute, 2022)

Inclusive Fitness Circle

Offering 10 different exercise stations, this bright solution can be used by all and would be a valuable addition to any park. The fitness items in the yellow circles can be used directly from a wheelchair. The items in the green circle are easy to transfer out of a wheelchair and are very easy to use for people with reduced balance or sensory impairments.

1. All items are easily accessible for people with a wide variety of impairments.

2. Every second station can be used directly from a wheelchair and the zone contrasted with a bright colour.

3. Items have dual functionality providing exercise activities for both mobility impaired and non-impaired users. Such as the Arm Bike which works from a wheelchair, from the seat or from a standing position.

4. Include elements with a low entry height, such as the KOMPAN City Bike.

5. Include the outdoor timer in combination with the surface patterns to create various interval training scenarios.

Looking to create an outdoor gym?

Our experienced fitness consultants can guide you on creating a fitness space that empowers communities to live stronger and healthier lives. Our high-quality outdoor gym equipment is backed by research and designed for all outdoor environments. Get in touch



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