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The Robinia Fox

Posted on 16.08.2021 in Inspiration , KOMPAN

Located in Marion Country, South Carolina, a Fox play sculpture honours the military history of the area and a much-loved Senator. What started as a vision was transformed into reality – a sculpture that encapsulates the communities’ values and teaches future generations about the heritage of the area. Over the past two years, the community, sponsors and supporters have worked together to turn this dream into a reality. KOMPAN USA worked alongside the KOMPAN Design Studio to create Faith the Fox. From initial sketch, right through to reality, the focus was to create a bespoke customed-designed playground sculpture that brought local families and the community together.

Located at the centre of the park, Faith the Fox is hand-crafted with smooth, sustainable and durable Robinia wood.  Children can climb from the tail to the top of the Fox Climber enjoying views across the new Amazing Grace Park. The Urban Play team caught up with our friends across the seas to learn more about Faith the Fox – read our interview with KOMPAN USA below.

1.Tell us about the Fox Climber. Where did the inspiration come from? Does he have a name?

The customer wanted something unique and not a traditional play structure.  They loved the idea that they were the first in the US to have a Robinia Sculpture and at the time the only one that existed in the world.  This is a memorial park, so having something represent the area is what they truly wanted.  Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox, is an important historical figure for the area.  Upon looking through concepts the Senator we worked with said, what about a Swamp Fox after looking at the different Robinia Sculptures we had.  Then the idea came to life!  During the Grand Opening Ceremony the county narrowed down 5 names and community was able to vote on the name.  The name is Faith since the park is called Amazing Grace Park.

2. What is your favourite thing about Faith the Fox?

The structure is amazing.  It appeals to all ages.  Young children love testing themselves by climbing to the top.  Parents love taking pictures of the kids on the structure and adults love to take selfies to post on social media standing next to the 13 foot tall structure that represents the area.

3. How has the response been from the community about Faith the Fox?

The community loves the Faith the Fox! The park is filled daily with children playing ontop of the sculpture.

4. What do you think the next USA Play Sculpture will be?

I believe in Florida a few parks are receiving new Robinia Sculptures.  In South Carolina where the fox is located, we are working with another client on another Robinia Sculpture.

5. Obviously COVID has changed the way people cherish the great outdoors. Have you noticed any trends or changes in the way that parks and playgrounds are now being designed in the US?

I find people are going to parks more to get outdoors and enjoy physical activities.  The request for all abilities pieces has been very strong and the incorporation of outdoor fitness has been extremely popular.

About the KOMPAN Design Studio – The KOMPAN Design studio, is a specialised group of architects, engineers and industrial designers that turn your playground dreams into reality. They believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. Their core mission is to work alongside you to create a playground that is not only an amazing architectural experience, but encapsulates your vision and illustrates the story you want told. With over 45 years combined experience and backed by half a centuries worth of research, our sculptures are not only visually engaging, they are packed full of play activities that are designed to develop happy & healthy kids.


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