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3 Ways to Avoid Greenwashing in Sustainable Procurement Practices.
3 Ways to Avoid Greenwashing in Sustainable Procurement Practices.16.05.2023

An ongoing understanding of the impacts of climate change has seen an increase in demand from clients and consumers for sustainable solutions. This has been evident in the play and landscape industries as brands, companies, and organisations respond to growing consumer concerns.

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KOMPAN Design Studio
KOMPAN Design Studio16.05.2023

Urban Play has almost twenty years of experience working with clients to create play spaces that standout, inspire, and bring communities together. With the ability to partner with the globally recognised KOMPAN Design Studio, Urban Play are experts at creating play spaces that are architecturally appealing, functional, compliant, loaded with play-value, and withstand the test of time.

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Building the ABCs of physical literacy in school playgrounds.
Building the ABCs of physical literacy in school playgrounds.16.05.2023

Schools play an important role in developing children’s physical literacy through sports, physical education, and their outdoor spaces. A playground is the perfect space for children to develop physical literacy as they participate in self-motivated movement through play.

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A new urban quarter
A new urban quarter16.05.2023

The city of Heilbronn have revitalised an urban quarter putting people back at the heart of its design. Known for its fragmentation, the inner river landscape of Heilbronn is now reconnected by four landscape bands creating a conitnous flowing landscape and harmoniously joining the old and new urban quarters.

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Revitalising Play In Schools | Q & A Associate Professor Brendon Hyndman
Revitalising Play In Schools | Q & A Associate Professor Brendon Hyndman16.05.2023

Play in schools is quickly becoming an endangered species with some schools having less play space per child than a prison cell. Urban Play is on a mission to revitalise school play spaces, one playground at a time.

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Sensory Nature Play Sculptures
Sensory Nature Play Sculptures16.05.2023

For the first time in 66 million years, a giant dinosaur roams the land. It would swallow 6-year old you in one bite if it wasn't wooden. They have seen the movies and played with the toys, but this is something else. You run into its mouth?! And then slide down its tail?! As you run inside the belly of the beast, rays of sunlight peek between the wooden panels, only increasing the adventure and excitement.

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