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Strength Range | 5 key design points with the end user in mind

Posted on 19.11.2021 in Company News , KOMPAN

For over half a century, KOMPAN has researched, designed, tested and manufactured equipment for outdoor activity areas. This knowledge is reflected in their new strength range. Here are 5 key design points with the end user in mind.


1. Ergonomic handles and seats.

When you work out, you need to be comfortable. When you are comfortable you will work out for longer, get a better workout and avoid injury. All handles on the strength range are designed for functional diversity, with different hand positions allowing for muscle isolation, adaptable exercises and ergonomic comfort for all heights. The seats in the range are designed with ergonomic padding and grooves for the spine and tailbone, so you can comfortably sit for longer to get the ultimate workout!

2. Fully enclosed weight system.

We know what you are thinking, a weights range that can be outside and left unsupervised?  Well, the Kompan Fitness Institute have nailed it with their soon to be patented, fully enclosed weight system. Hidden behind the durable plastic cover, is an electromagnetised steel weight stack with stainless steel pins that have undergone salt spray testing and lifetime testing to ensure their strength and resistance to corrosion. The belt drive which helps to guide the weights up and down, is made from reinforced steel polyurethane which requires little maintenance and was tested over 3 million times (10 years usage).

3. Easily adjustable weights

A patent-pending, innovative weight selector makes it easy to adjust the weights with the simple pull and turn of a handle. As you turn the handle, the smart technology adjusts the pin in the weight stack making it safe, simple and maintenance free.

4. Built for longevity.

After more than 50 years of research and development, KOMPAN, knows what materials suit all environments, from coastlines to country towns. All moving parts, including the mechanical stops, are protected by a durable and fully enclosed cabinet. The elements inside the cabinet are manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised steel. As a result, you get an extremely durable system where typical issues such as corrosion and damage from extreme weather conditions are highly unlikely to occur.

5. Designed for all.

Every product in the kompan range has inclusivity built into it from the very beginning. Handles designed for all heights, seats at ergonomic angles and heights for easy transfer from a wheelchair and adjustable weights for seniors, fitness fanatics and beginners. Not only are they designed on universal principles, the range was tested on people at all fitness levels and heights to ensure they provide a workout, that actually works!



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