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Standing-Strong: The Future of Fitness

Posted on 01.09.2015 in Company News , Fitness , KOMPAN , New Release , Products , Sport

Kompan Standing Strong Fitness equipment - Bootcamp Base

New to the market is KOMPAN’s revolutionary new Standing-Strong product range, the first adjustable resistance training equipment built specifically for outdoor use. Designed to meet the needs of those who find conventional fitness equipment intimidating, the new range utilises hydraulic technology to accommodate users of all age and fitness levels.

Unlike most resistance machines, Standing-Strong’s duel fluid cell technology works with the user allowing resistance to be increased or decreased according to individual fitness levels. Featuring over 20 new and unique adjustable designs including individual cycle units, standing shoulder press and agility activities, each device is accompanied by clear user instructions to ensure even the most novice of users can benefit from a little outdoor activity.

One stand out piece is the Bootcamp Base, a multipurpose apparatus offers users a mix of body weight, interval and strength training exercises all in one affordable package. Featuring adjustable barbell and dip rack facilities, while strong enough to withstand the addition of boxing bags, climbing ropes, suspension trainers and elastic attachments, the Bootcamp Base is built to withstand the harshest conditions.

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