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For the first time in 66 million years, a giant dinosaur roams the land. It would swallow 6-year old you in one bite if it wasn’t wooden. They have seen the movies and played with the toys, but this is something else. You run into its mouth?! And then slide down its tail?! As you run inside the belly of the beast, rays of sunlight peek between the wooden panels, only increasing the adventure and excitement.

In order to design the right play sculpture, we want to understand the history of the area, the story, the surroundings, the users and their age group and demographics as well as a number of other factors.Next we will bring the first conceptual idea to the table, followed later by more accurate sketches. Our architects and designers get their creativity flowing to come up with the best solution, and this process takes time. Finally, we will show you a precise visualisation of the right Robinia play sculpture for you. We
do this so you can feel confident that you are getting the play sculpture that will serve your
community for decades to come.

Our play sculptures are more than just aesthetic or sculptural statement pieces – they are loaded with a variety of innovative play features that we have developed over half a century.

This is our way of ensuring that children:
– Are ‘wowed’ to come and play,
– Are motivated to keep playing and come back; and
– Develop physical, social, cognitive and creative life skills while playing. And best of all – we
pack the play sculpture with play value that’s inclusive for children of all abilities. Everybody is

The play sculptures are created by dedicated craftsmen who are masters at taking wood and, with trained eyes and skilled hands, turning it into something bespoke, unique and
spectacular. Their passion and expertise means the sculptures are finished like pieces of beautiful, high-quality furniture. Your play sculpture will be built purely out of highly durable Robinia wood, because Robinia wood naturally produces a lot of oil, it’s highly resistant to any kind of rot. It is also very strong, meaning your sculpture will stand up to all sorts of conditions and heavy use.

Our play partner, KOMPAN, has developed outdoor play equipment that stimulates and challenges children safely since 1970. Every part of the design, engineering, and construction process is geared to ensure absolute safety in the final products, which are all certified by TüV. Building a playground isn’t child’s play. It is major construction. From clearing the area for foundations to finishing off the site, it involves heavy equipment, extensive materials, complex products and expert knowledge. . Our teams have undertaken this process many times and are happy to take this load off your shoulders.


If you would like to receive a copy of the new Robinia Play Sculptures brochure – please contact your friendly play consultant or email info@urbanplay.com.au



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