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Schools play a major role in the promotion of health and fitness for young children with 25% of a child’s day spent in the playground. Ipswich Grammar School are leading the way with the recent installation of the ultimate obstacle course. Since opening, the school playground has been full of endless laughter, running and climbing.

The custom designed obstacle course is bursting with opportunity for physical, social and cognitive development. The centrepiece of the playground is a vibrant red Corocord Space Net that towers over the obstacle course 7 metres above ground. The custom designed Space Net not only challenges the boys physically but also allows them to take in a view of the school that they have never seen before.

A specially designed custom KOMPAN Parkour trail challenges cross body co-ordination and problem solving skills as the children figure out how to get from one element to the next. Thrilling and dynamic is the Double Turbo Challenge which combines timing, rhythm and strength. This obstacle piece spins and challenges their cross-body coordination as they make their way across the ultimate obstacle course. A KOMPAN Supernova creates hours of endless fun as the boy’s attempt to work in co-operation to balance on the Supernova whilst experiencing the thrill of speed and spinning.

The obstacle course also features Monkey Bars, Combi Steps and a Climbing Wall with a net to keep the children active during their lunch break. This ultimate climbing course offers children the opportunity to get outside and get active during their lunch break and to experience heights in a safe yet challenging way. The new play space stimulates the development of vital social, physical and cognitive skills through age appropriate play activities.

Urban Play collaborated with KOMPAN playscapes and Ipswich Grammar School to deliver this ultimate school playground. Urban Play has installed more than 7,000 playgrounds throughout the Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern NSW regions. Our products have been tested & backed by research to ensure maximum play value and are made with the highest quality materials.

Equipment Used

Urban Play has provided us with a play space that is not only fun and exciting but also one that provides real physical challenges for the boys. The climbing, hanging and jumping required on the nets, monkey bars and obstacle course is perfect for our boys. The resulting core strength benefits also assist student learning back in the classroom through better posture control, co-ordination and fine motor control.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School, Ipswich Grammar