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Murrumba Downs

In a quiet leafy street and nestled amongst the pine trees, is Baybreeze Park. The new playground is filled with play opportunities for children of multiple ages and fitness equipment for local residents. An all-abilities Birds Nest Swing allows children to swing alone, with parents/ carers or in a group with friends. After feeling the sensation of speed, children can play on the KOMPAN multi-level play structure that is bursting with play opportunities on both the bottom and top level.

Children can make their way up the play piece via the climbing ramp with red and yellow climbing hooks that are designed to enhance the development of fine and gross motor skills. A more challenging entrance into the play piece can be made by the curly climber into the top level of the play structure where children can play with the manipulative play panels. Children can experience the thrill of speed and heights safely by using the plastic slide where they can then play with the scoops and driving panel on the bottom level. A Supernova makes for hours of fun and laughter while children are developing their balance, agility and co-ordination.

KOMPAN fitness equipment with a digitally-interactive app has also been installed for local residents. The Step & Swing is a dual device which trains muscle strength in the torso, coordination and flexibility. An adjustable fitness bike is perfect for people of all fitness levels with the user taking control of their workout.

Urban play collaborated with JW Concepts, Moreton Bay Regional Council, KOMPAN and Aspect Contractors on this project.

Equipment Used