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Banksia Beach

Offering expansive views out over the bay, the new fitness park at Banksia Beach is one of the most innovative fitness parks within the region. Using state-of-the-art fitness equipment, the fitness park offers the same level workout found at any indoor gym, yet allows residents to soak up the mental and social benefits of the surrounding greenspace.

With a focus on intergenerational and inclusive design, the outdoor gym is split into four fitness nodes that cater to all ages and all fitness levels; a cardio zone, stay fit zone, calisthenics zone and cross-training zone. All of the fitness equipment within the park is supported by a digital app that has demonstration videos, workout routines and alternative exercises, so that everyone can get an intense workout – no matter the fitness level!

Created in collaboration with Moreton Bay Regional Council, the innovative outdoor gym is free to use for the community and is filled with senior’s fitness equipment, cardio equipment, calisthenics equipment and cross-training equipment.

Stay fit node

The stay fit node is designed to motivate seniors to get active and lessen their chance of falling, which is a major issue for older generations. The fitness equipment in this node provides exercises that trains balance, strength, flexibility and endurance, with a focus on activities with low-impact and low-stress.

Fitness Bike – This award-winning bike has 10 adjustable levels, and a self-powered LCD touch screen which tells users distance, calories & time spent. The fitness bike is connected to a  Cardio app, where you can record your workouts or download the ZWIFT app and race people around the world!

Flexing Wheel – The ergonomically designed Flex Wheel with mild resistance trains shoulder and upper mobility. For  challenge, try using the Flex Wheel and balancing on one foot!

Various Challenge – A surface challenge helps to prevent falling by training elderly to react to changes in surfaces within nature and urban environments. Different surfaces such as wood, concrete, stones and grass are found on the surface challenge and help to train ankle and foot control along with providing sensory feedback which enhances gait and stability.

Cardio Node

Get ready to get the heart pumping in the cardio zone. The equipment used in this zone has 10 levels, which can easily be adjusted on the self-powered LCD screen. The inclusive cardio node also features an arm bike which can be used standing or in a wheelchair.

Cross trainer – The award-winning cross trainer provides an intensive workout, with an intelligent system that automatically adapts to users pace, ensuring a workout that actually works! a self-powered LCD touch screen allows participants to turn the resistance up or down depending on their fitness level.

Arm bike – A truly inclusive fitness piece, the Arm Bike can be used seated in a wheelchair for the ultimate upper body workout, or used standing for a full body workout. The resistance can adapt automatically, depending on the pedaling speed, or users can choose to manually change the resistance on the App.

Fitness bike – This award-winning bike has 10 adjustable levels, and a self-powered LCD touch screen which tells users distance, calories & time spent. The fitness bike is connected to a Cardio app, where you can record your workouts or download the ZWIFT app and race people around the world!

Calisthenics node 

Nestled beneath the shady trees, this node focuses on balance & bodyweight fitness, also known as calisthenics. This node features two seniors fitness pieces that focus on balance and agility. One of the exercises is designed on the physiotherapy ‘Up & Go’ test, which tests for functional capacity.

Combi 2 – Compact and complete street workout combination featuring an incline bench, push up bar, decline press, horizontal ladder, and pull up station. The Combi 2 is suitable for pro’s to beginners, with both cleverly placed bars to determine difficulty level and clean workout space for advanced training.

Balance station – The Balance station trains ankle strength and stability with the four items in the station having different difficulty levels that allow for progression and a challenge for every user type. At the same time, the placement of the four stations around the ring promotes moderate social interaction.

Up & Go – This piece is designed on the physiotherapy Up & Go and the Sit & Rise physiotherapy test, which can both be completed on this exercise.

Steps – As a single item, the step bench is already one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment. The app covers more than 50 exercises that you can do with it.

Cross Training Node

Cross training is one of the most universal exercise routines with participants benefitting regardless of age or ability. Users can train with familiar equipment such as kettlebells and suspension trainers, getting the same intense workout at a gym but outside and for free!

Cross Unit Combi 2 – This unit combines a range of versatile equipment, creating a fitness piece that has a smaller footprint, yet has maximum training value with countless exercise variations. Magnetic kettlebells, suspension trainer and parallel bars train strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

Stretch station – Stretching plays a massive role in working out, it helps to prevent injury and encourages progression in activities due to muscles not being as tight.

Balance board – Designed for seniors, the responsive wobble board resembles situations where the surface may become uneven such as on a bus, train or slippery surface. By alternatingly touching the different symbols in a pre-defined pattern with right and left hand and full body balance, coordination and cognition can be challenged.

This innovative outdoor fitness solution will motivate, inspire and activate all generations to work out together outside. Even after many visits, the equipment will provide short-term benefits and long-term challenges. Urban Play will be collaborating with Moreton Bay Regional Council and local bootcamp leader, All Inclusive Fitness, to host a range of outdoor bootcamps for the community….. watch this space!

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