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Aura Estate

Urban Play is hopping with excitement to unveil the newest addition to Aura Estate’s playspaces. The specially designed playground features elements for children of various ages and abilities. Paying tribute to the Wallum Sedge Frog, the centre-piece of this ground-level playground is a specially designed rubber frog inspired by the endangered local frog species.

Praised for its attention to detail, this frog is made from bright blue, green and yellow rubber with textures that allow for hours of endless discovery play. After climbing the rubber frog, young adventurers can slide down one of the two KOMPAN embankment slides where they can safely experience the thrill of speed.

For a crazy ride, there is the Crazy Daisy which lets children play together and coordinate their movements for an exciting time. Children can then run or walk around the Supernova play piece for hours of fun while also working on their balance and strength. After walking or running in circles, children can swing on the all-inclusive Birdnest Swing where they can swing alone, or with a parent or carer, high into the sky.

Climbing enthusiasts can climb through the lime green reeds without touching the ground on the specially designed Giant Reed Parkour course. The Green Reed Parkour course features different climbing elements for hours of endless climbing, bouncing, laughing and balancing. The multiple climbing elements also challenges older children in balance, cross-body coordination, vertical climbing, horizontal climbing and decision making.

The Aura Frog Park is an iconic ground-level playground for the Aura community that will be cherished for generations. Bursting with colour and play elements with substantial play value, this park is set to be a favourite amongst the Sunshine Coast community.  Urban Play collaborated with Place Design Group, Eureka Landscapes and Stockland to bring this creative playground to Aura City of Colour.

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