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Meet the new strength range

Posted on 15.11.2021 in Company News , KOMPAN

The new outdoor fitness strength range is innovative, built to last and based on research for the ultimate workout, that actually works! The five machines and two benches represent the most popular indoor machines, and as a package, they cover all major muscles groups of the body.

For the upper body, a Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Horizontal Row and Lat Pull Down offer all angles of pushing and pulling. For the lower body, the Leg Press provides activation of all lower body muscles, whilst the Sit Up Bench and Lower Back Bench focus on activating the core muscles.

The Leg Press

One of the most popular indoor gym exercises, the Leg Press strengthens the hamstrings, quads, calves and glutes. Designed for all strength levels, the leg press has adjustable resistance up to 130kg, an adjustable seat with 14 positions and a large footplate to allow for a range of different muscle isolation exercises. The 130kg weight stack can be adjusted with the simple pull and turn of the handle in 12 steps of 10kg.


The Chest Press

The Chest Press is one of the best exercises for building upper body strength. It targets the pecs, deltoids and the triceps. Ergonomic multi-use handles cater for all heights and adaptable exercises, whilst the ergonomic seat  with padding and grooves for your spine and tailbone, allows you to comfortably sit for longer. The 80kg weight stack can be adjusted with the simple pull and turn of the handle in 16 steps of 5kg.


Lat Pull Down

The Pull Down strengthens the Latissimus Dorsi muscle – the broadest muscle in your back which promotes good posture & spinal stability. The seat and leg holders are ergonomically designed with padding and grooves for comfort. Positioned at 46cm, they are at a height which is comfortable for all users and makes transferring from a wheelchair easy! The 80kg weight stack can be adjusted with the simple pull and turn of the handle in 16 steps of 5kg.


Shoulder Press

The Shoulder Press strengthens your shoulders. The major muscles used in this exercise are the anterior deltoid and upper portion of the Pectoralis Major. Ergonomically designed seats cater for comfort and multiple heights, whilst the weights selector allows for easy weight adjust in 16 steps of 5kg.


Horizontal Row

The Horizontal Row focuses on strengthening the entire upper back, lattisimus dorsi, biceps and the forearms. Adjustable hand positions makes it easy to isolate muscles and a simple pull and turn of the handle allows you to adjust the weight in 16 steps of 5kg. A padded seat and chest pad offers ultimate comfort and the height of the seat makes the transfer from a wheelchair easy.


Sit Up Bench

The Sit Up Bench strengthens all abdominal muscles without placing harmful stress on the lower back. Backed by research, the seat is position at an ergonomic angle of 8 degrees, with a groove for the spin for the extra comfort. A handle provides support getting on and off the bench and allows for alternative exercises.


Lower Back Bench

The Lower Back Bench helps to strengthen hip extensor, lower back & upper back muscles. The distance between the handles make it easy for the user to get on and off and also allows for alternative exercises like dips. The bench has 3 different foot positions that cater to all sizes and varied exercises.



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