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KOMPAN goes from strength to strength

Posted on 02.11.2021 in Company News , KOMPAN , Products

Introducing their NEW Strength Training range. Designed on the same biomechanics and resistance mechanics used for indoor strength machines, yet with added outdoor features such as durability, safety and simplified user experience.

Same intense workout, in the great outdoors.

Now, more than ever, our society wants to be outdoors. The new KOMPAN Strength range mimics the same workout as commercial indoor strength machines, but you have the added social and mental benefits of the great outdoors.

Fitness based on research & testing.

Every fitness product created by KOMPAN is researched and tested at the KOMPAN Fitness Institute which is led by the passionate (and incredibly fit) exercise physiologist Moreton Zacho. In fact, every piece of fitness equipment is tested on all fitness levels – from professional athlete’s right through to seniors, to ensure the equipment can provide a personalised physiological challenge.

Unlike other fitness manufacturers, our equipment is put to the test. For example, the belt found inside the cabinet, which is responsible for lifting the weights, was tested for over 3 million uses (which is the equivalent to over 10 years of use).

Engineered by outdoor experts.

For over half a century, KOMPAN has researched, designed, tested and manufactured equipment for outdoor activity areas. This knowledge is reflected in their new strength range, with all moving parts in a fully enclosed cabinet to prevent corrosion and entrapment. All moving parts and mechanical stops are made of aluminium steel, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised steel making it suitable for all environments – from coast lines to country towns.

Designed for beginners, to fitness fanatics and seniors.

The key to a long life is a healthy life and KOMPAN always has the end user in mind, no matter your age, shape or fitness level. The new range has easy-to-adjust resistance with weights ranging from 5kg – 80kg, ergonomically designed handles which makes it possible for people of different heights to be comfortable using the equipment and also provides opportunity to workout other muscle groups. A free-to-download KOMPAN Fitness App guides users on the correct way to use the equipment and offers alternate exercises.

Outdoor Strength Range

The five machines and the two benches represent the most popular indoor machines, and as a package they cover all major muscle groups of the body. All angles of pushing and pulling for the upper body are fully covered with the Chest Press, the Shoulder Press, the Horizontal Row, and the Pull Down. For the lower body, the Leg Press provides activation of all muscles of the lower body in one single exercise. By adding the Sit Up Bench and the Lower Back Bench, which focus on the core muscles, the body is fully covered.



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