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Architectural Inspirations, Coromesh Creations.

Posted on 19.07.2022 in Inspiration , KOMPAN

Corocord’s play journey began in the 1970s and since then they have pioneered the rope play industry. Founded by Berlin Architect, Conrad Roland, Corocord’s architectural rope play solutions are found in playgrounds all over the world. The inventor of the SpaceNet, Roland went onto build the largest Four Mast Space Net in the world in 1987 for the International Garden Exhibition in Dusseldorf.


Spacenets are “living”. They react to the movement of the children by constantly changing deformation, by natural oscillation and sometimes by rocking up. The children react to these net movements, balance with them, polarise their movement. (Conrad Roland, in the preface to the Corocord catalogue 1987).

With a fascination for architectural tensile structures, it was natural that Roland turned for inspiration to visionary architect Frei Otto. A German Architect and structural engineer, Frei Otto was well-known for his studies of contemporary lightweight architecture. Drawing inspiration from everyday objects, Otto designed curved roof structures that were created by suspending membranes on light steel networks, with column and cable supports (ArchDaily, 2020). His most notable projects were Munich Olympic Park (1972) and Germany’s pavilion for the 1967 World Expo in Montreal, Canada.

Otto’s ideas are still awe inspiring decades after he revealed them, with the new Coromesh Architectural Play Range from Corocord adopting some of his vision. “Coromesh” describes a tensioned
net surface from the Corocord line at Kompan. This new and unique product encourages completely new shapes and individual experiences.

This evenly tensioned net will react to every move, inspire to take the next step and bounce back from every jump. Approached by a single user the net surface and the individual create a single “activity diagram” with different adrenaline peaks. Approached by a group the “activity diagram” interactions cross and effect each other triggering unpredicted movements and experiences on the net. It is all about action and reaction, controlled and uncontrolled movements.


The Peakers Design Process

‘The Peakers’ is one of the Coromesh families inspired by Frei Otto and is defined by high and low peaks inside the net structure. The Corocord team created studio models and played with flexible textiles which revealed the enormous potential of formed surfaces designed by peaks.

Scroll below to view their design process from inspiration, to studio models, sketches and to final renders.

Coromesh Inspirations

Inspired by Frei Otto’s work, the latest Coromesh Inspirations Catalogue features netted terrains for all environments. Their structural transparency allows for the surrounding landscape to peek through the net, with their structure being able to take almost any shape and expression. The architectural freedom of the Coromesh range is basically endless; transparent, themed, high, wide, colourful, neutral or abstract – the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

Cirrus Cloud

The Cirrus Cloud, is designed from a single layer of Coromesh, pulled up and pulled down, creating a unique visual landscape. Additional play value such as Membrane Chill Seats, Swaying Pods, Twisters and Sound Shakers can be found underneath.

Nimbus Cloud

7m high and a very bouncy structure, the Nimbus Cloud offers an exciting play landscape. It’s structural transparency allows it to easily blend into any environment. With multiple entries and exits, there are endless way to explore the netted terrain.

Stratus Cloud

With three peaks and three lows, the Stratus Cloud spreads out its climbing landscape. The soflty bouncing coromesh creates a fun space for crawling and bouncing, with the inside of the structure offering an exciting netted terrain where users can hang out, socialise and move with the waves of the net. Bouncy and packed full with play activities, the inside of the Stratus Cloud is literally a whole playground in itself.

Cumulus Cloud

Based on their many years of experience in engineering and manufacturing Coromesh technology, the Cumulus Cloud is designed as a structure made of two individual meshes… one pulled up and the other pulled down. This creates three captivating levels of play: one underneath, one on top – and the very best: a unique play space inside.


Feeling creative?

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