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Our Vision

Creating new worlds to inspire, empower and ignite a life long passion for play.

Our Mission

To build playgrounds that are destinations, the lifeblood of a park. A well designed space where boring is banished. A place that a community is proud of. A legacy for future generations.

About Us

At Urban Play we’ve never lost focus of our purpose. It’s reflected in the care we take with our designs to ensure every last detail is considered with the end user in mind.

A well designed playground not only enriches the lives of local children, it acts as an important hub for the community – attracting families, boosting the popularity of suburbs, and creating a focal point for activities. It makes a park into a destination, giving it energy and personality. Our playgrounds are those places.

Our creation process is streamlined with our in-house design team and exclusive supplier network, allowing us to provide turn-key solutions for complete playgrounds. From design, supply and install, to rubber, shade, street furniture and maintenance, our expertise extends far beyond playground equipment.

Our People

Passionate, Reliable and Experienced

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We relish the challenge of turning sketches, ideas and concepts into a viable reality through the design and creation of unique play equipment. We are proud to be responsible for several world-first installations. Throughout the entire process from design, installation and maintenance, we never lose sight of our vision – to empower, inspire and excite.

Ken Fletcher Park Design Sketch



We work hand in hand with our clients throughout the planning, design and development process, providing specialist input and peace of mind through lasting support long after each project’s completion. Our in-house inspection and maintenance services can ensure the longevity, quality and compliance of every Urban Play playground.

Urban Play Design Process


From humble beginnings over ten years ago, we have grown sustainably and responsibly to the multi-state company we are today. We have proudly represented the world’s longest-serving playground manufacturer since our inception, and have local stock and service to support them long into the future. Our designs are supported by decades of research and rigorous testing, with every product backed by transparent, industry leading warranties.

KOMPAN Research Institute Denmark


Urban Play is a preferred partner for local governments, landscape architects and developers within our scope of reach. Our collaborative team has been creating memorable playgrounds for more than forty combined years. We are involved in the planning, design and development of playgrounds on a daily basis and are well acquainted with the complexities of constructing successful play environments.

Corocord Net Assembly Process


Our well-respected partners have proven track records in producing the highest quality products – the difference between a great product and a cheap imitation. Our products are manufactured using only the most superior materials, durable structural components, high-grade plastics and anti-vandal coatings, without sacrificing on aesthetic appeal. Every product is independently certified to Australian Standards and endures rigorous comprehensive testing and to sustain a life-cycle well beyond industry standard.

Corocord Manufacturing Process


We understand the importance of the native landscape and are sensitive to minimizing its disruption during every stage of the process. We design our playgrounds around existing landscapes and promote sustainable construction practices to reduce our environmental impact. To this end, we use recycled materials in more than 70% of our total material consumption, and 95% can be recycled after use.

Kompan Ecocore - 100% Recycled Material


The safety of our playground users, big and small, is the foremost concern when it comes to design. Our products feature the highest grade materials manufactured under stringent quality control and each piece of equipment is fully certified to International and Australian Standards by an independent, registered, Australian engineer. In addition, our guaranteed warranties mean every playground performs better and lasts longer. Urban Play is a registered company, QBCC licensed with all our works and products insured against any public and product liability and professional indemnity.

Corocord Net Manufacturing Process