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7 reasons your caravan park needs a playspace

Posted on 08.06.2022 in Company News , Industry , Inspiration

Increase revenue with a fun-filled investment.

Playgrounds and splash parks can turn any caravan park into a preferred destination. They create engaging and fun play experiences increasingly sought by families with children of all ages and abilities. From splash parks to pump tracks and playgrounds to ping pong, there’s a play solution for every guest experience. Don’t believe us?

Here are 7 reasons why your caravan park needs a playspace:

1. Increase Occupancy – even during off-peak season.

When families look to choose a caravan park, a top priority is activities for the kids. Playspaces draw families, even when it’s cold. Running, jumping, sliding and crawling is a great way to warm up!

2. Inspire memorable guest experiences that inspire repeat business.

One thing that always stays in our memories are happy experiences. Playspaces inspire happy memories. If the kids have a fun-filled time at a caravan park, there’s a high chance that they will want to come back. “Muuum, daaad – can we go back to that caravan park with the water park next holidays?!”

3.  Attract families of all ages and abilities.

Pump tracks, water parks, ping pong tables and playgrounds. There is something for everyone, no matter your age or ability. Battle it out in a family game of ping pong, splash around the water park and wait for the Mega Soaker to dump 50L of water or learn some new tricks on the pump track. We have inclusive play solutions for everyone in the family.

4. Encourage longer stays and double your revenue.

If there are things to keep the kids entertained, families are going to stay longer. No one-night stop overs when there is a playground, water park or pump track involved!

5. Distinguish yourself for your competitors.

When families are looking to book a caravan park, they will pick somewhere with the most things to do – everytime.

6. Differentiate yourself and be eco-friendly.

Playgrounds built from ocean waste, textiles and plastic bags – you better believe it! Our sustainable play range allows you to build play solutions from recycled materials – broadening your market to eco-warriors!

7. Create a uniquely themed destination.

Located by the beach and want an ocean-themed playground, surrounded by nature and want a playground that will blend into your surroundings or want a custom-designed jellyfish? If you can dream it, we can do it. Our endless off the shelf playground equipment and our custom-design team can help to bring your playspace dreams to life.

If you want to upgrade or revitalise your caravan park with a splash park, playground or pump track. Get in touch with our friendly team.



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