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The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Course

Posted on 12.11.2018 in Company News , KOMPAN

With the rise of technology, our lifestyles have become more sedentary resulting in obesity rates to rise and healthcare costs to rise. By 2025, it is predicted that 80% of Australians adults and 33% of children will be overweight.

Lack of offering within the community, expense and lack of knowledge are the three main barriers to physical activity. To get inactive people active, communities require accessible and effective training locations, suitable for  all ages and physical abilities, along with appropriate instruction, stimulation and motivation.

The KOMPAN Ultimate Fitness Course activates people and communities by offering a fun and dynamic training solution.

“With over 200 exercises and the ability to fit 40 people at one time, this is the ultimate inter-generational fitness space. An innovative cross-training system surrounded by an obstacle course. The Ultimate Obstacle Course is the ideal fitness solution that offers cardiovascular and muscular endurance training that is functional and effective for all ages, abilities and fitness levels”


The state-of-the-art course is accompanied with a fitness app that functions as an online personal trainer, guiding users on exercise and nutrition, while motivating them to stay active. The award-winning ergonomically designed equipment is built to last using high-quality materials that are weather resistant and engineered to withstand repetitive and frequent use by the community.

The Ultimate Fitness Course is suitable for educational institutions, residential developments, aged care facilities, recreational facilities and correctional facilities.

Urban Play are industry-leaders in offering fitness solutions for communities that are customisable, durable and most of all, fun. Urban Play specialises in the design and installation of playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and outdoor obstacle courses for landscape architects, school, councils and developers.