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The NEW Elements Range is here…..

Posted on 12.04.2019 in Company News , KOMPAN

From tots through to school age children, our new Elements range is bursting with age-appropriate play activities that supports the development of fundamental skills but most of all, engrosses children in hours of FUN! The new range is divided into 3 age groups – Tots (1 – 4 years), Grow (2 – 6 years) and Go (6 – 12 years). The Tots and Grow ranges are filled with responsive, agile and exploratory play opportunities that gently nudge children to expand their horizons, be active and grow new skills as they play. The Go range is aimed at getting children active and inspires their creativity through the use of Play360 (where structures can be played from the inside and outside).
The organic shapes, bright colours and open design inspire imaginations and take children on an exciting play journey.

Play for all

The new ranges are bursting with activities on ground level, with ramp solutions allowing children in wheelchairs to access a play structure and play alongside friends. The specially-designed ramps include extra width to allow a caregiver or parent to accompany the child.

Built to last

Using durable and vandalism resistant materials, the new Elements range is designed to last generations not years. Galvanized and powder coated posts, UV-stabilised panels and roofs, thick platform decks and steel reinforced wires are only some of the elements used. The highly durable materials are impossible to wear down, even in public and unsupervised environments.

Open Design

All panels in the range are designed on 360 play principles meaning they can be played from all angles. The curved panels facilitates climbing on the outside and an area for passive play on the inside catering to a wide variety of play types.

Designed to be flexible

The elements range is designed to be flexible meaning you can add, remove and change play activities, construction options and colour themes allowing you to create a play experience that fits your environment.

Tested and approved play value

The real experts on play are children, which is why all of our equipment is tested on children and tweaked until they are happy and our designers are happy!