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The Digital Playground

Posted on 06.07.2017 in Company News , digital playground

Young people of today are faced with different societal challenges affecting their traditional play preferences. They find inspiration within the gaming world and the concepts of the digital universe.

Children aged 8- 18 spend 7.5hrs on media consumption per day.

Physical activity is essential to the physical and mental health of young people. Children become less active as they get older with boys typically more active than girls. Reversing this trend of inactivity requires many solutions, as well as environments and programs to reach more kids. Spending time with peers socialising is one of the main innovators for physical activity for tweens and teens.

These influences have become the inspiration for a new generation of electronic playground equipment.

To give children the best of both worlds, KOMPAN has created ICON, a new series of outdoor electronic play equipment that promotes modern play by combining interactive computer games and outdoor fun.

The integration of challenging play designs with games adds a whole new dimension to outdoor play that will entice players outside and encourage them to become more physically active.

For the younger players, Hans Christian Anderson is a series of themed playground units that encourage role-play, themed around three popular fairy tales. The Playground units have a QR-code that can be scanned with a smart device to access Virtual reality scenes from the fairy tales that bring the playground and the fairy-tale characters to life right then and there. This interactive digital layer brings a totally new dimension to the playground.

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