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Set sail across a sea of imagination with Kompans NEW Pirate Ships

Posted on 09.02.2018 in Award Winning Playgrounds , Brisbane Playgrounds , children's development , Commercial Playgrounds , KOMPAN , playground , Playground Design , Products , School Playgrounds

Themed play just got even better with the launch of Kompans new fleet of ships. Children can be the captain of their own adventure with this range that enhances social, cognitive, emotional and physical development. These multi-level ships are packed full of adventurous activities both top and below deck for hours of endless fun.

Captains can hop aboard the craft by scaling the rope climbing nets where they can then steer the ship to safer waters while their mates defend their ship from pirates by shooting the cannons.

Built from recycled and recyclable materials that are durable and maintenance free, expect your seafaring adventures to be safe and reliable with the ships to look great for years to come.

The Intrepid

The Intrepid is full of interactive and role-playing opportunities that will have kids giggling for hours. This multi-level ship can be accessed by various climbing nets, ladders or stairs where kids can then fire the cannons at pirates or steer the ship to dry land. A large steel-slide makes for a quick escape where little captains can slide down to protect their gold and silver in the two treasure chests. The intrepid has interactive panels to enhance the development of fine motor skills and hammocks below deck where the captains can rest after defending their vessel.


The Man-O-War Ship has outstanding play value on the upper and lower decks for hours of laughter, activity and themed play. Little captains can steer the ship, peep through the binoculars in search of rogue pirates or fire the cannons. A large yellow slide lets little mates experience speed as they run to protect their treasure chest or rest on the ships lower deck. Captains can scale the rope climbing nets or stairs and steer the ship to treasure, followed by a thrilling ride on the track ride or pirates pole.

The Frigate

Consisting of multiple play elements on the lower deck, The Frigate is a ship for little captains, which enhances their physical, social-emotional, cognitive and creative development. Interactive panels such as the time panel, face panel and musical panel lets kids have hours of imaginative and creative play while they are also developing fine motor skills. Mini captains can peer through the binoculars to keep an eye out for pirates, yell ‘man overboard’ and fire the cannons. The ship has multiple entry points to accommodate all skill levels with stairs or the rope ladder to the top deck. The Frigate also features a slide, treasure chest, viewing panel and hammocks.

The Carvelle

The Carvelle is perfect for mini captains with hours of endless themed play value and laughter. Little Captains can scale the rope ladder to the upper deck to peer through the binoculars and steer the ship to buried treasure. The upper deck allows captains to view over the sea of playground and fire the cannon at their enemies. The slide lets children experience the sensation of speed followed by a rest on the lower decks hammock.

The new fleet of vessels from Kompan has matching play elements such as a Dolphin Springer, a Shark Springer or an Octopus Seesaw. These themed ships are perfect for schools, public parks, developments, hotels by the seaside, childcare centres or residential communities.

Urban Play’s partnership with well-known, award-winning playground equipment supplier Kompan provides a winning combination for product quality, service and reliability. Urban Play’s strong reputation for their creative playground designs and support from conception through to maintenance makes them a strong contender for commercial playgrounds.

Call our play consultants today to find out how we can transform your space into a playground that  will be cherished for generations.