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School playgrounds help kids thrive in the classroom

Posted on 25.01.2017 in Children's development , Education , KOMPAN , School Playgrounds

A well-designed school playground challenges students to push boundaries; climb higher, swing harder and play longer, in the safest environment possible.
Children lead for too sedentary loves. It has been widely documented, that physical activity positively influences children’s health and well-being, their social relations and their learning. The more they move, the more they thrive and learn.

FIVE GOOD REASONS to choose The Learning Playground – a philosophy unique to KOMPAN which provides a guideline to creating the perfect outdoor classroom by matching products that

1. Support subject-specific, active learning – particularly in outdoor settings
2. Build bridges between indoor and outdoor learning
3. Combine health, learning and inclusion in an academically relevant and fun way
4. Facilitate the student’s physical, social, cognitive, creative and social/emotional development
5. Promote well-being at the school – in a fun and engaging way

As a trusted playground supplier for councils, developers and many schools all over Queensland, Urban Play have created play areas that redefine schools, setting them apart from neighbouring education institutions. See our Education Portfolio for more project information.

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