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Rockhampton Riverside | Award of Excellence

Posted on 06.11.2018 in Company News , Industry , Media

In collaboration with Urbis and the Rockhampton Regional Council, the Rockhampton Riverside recently took home a Landscape Architecture Award in the Parks and Open Space Category. As part of the riverbank revitalisation, Urban Play designed and installed a playground for the Rockhampton community.

Taking into consideration the potential of flooding, this iconic playground is set high on an embankment that is decorated with a custom rubber design in shades of green. The design ties in with the rest of the Riverbank Precincts innovative architecture.

The embankment is adorned with orange rubber climbing domes, beige and green mountaineering ropes and green climbing cleats that make for a fun and challenging climb up the embankment to the tree-house styled sky cabins.

Sitting 7 metres above ground, are the custom-designed Sky Cabins that offer a breath-taking view of the Rockhampton Riverbank that has never been seen before. Decorated in the same pattern that is weaved throughout the riverbank, the brown and green sky cabins allow children to experience the thrill of heights safely. Night-time adventure is possible with lighting throughout the Sky Cabins and Sky Walk.

Urban Play would like to congratulate all collaborators for the Rockhampton Riverside. The incredible space will not only be cherished by generations to come, it will also play a vital role in the economic development of the regional area.