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Brisbane’s newest play destination is a unique landmark for the growing Yarrabilba community.

The custom tower by Corocord, stands 6.9m high, artistically created to represent colourful cubes stacked one on top of each other.

Urban Play, in collaboration with Lend Lease, Aecom and Eureka Landscapes created this bespoke commercial playground.

Climbing is traditionally a favourite activity amongst children and this design honors that tradition whilst continuing to push forward innovation, provoking unbeatable imaginative play.

Within each of the three cubes, an exciting invitation to play, climb, explore and socialise with the ultimate goal to reach the top challenging sensory, physical and emotional skills.

The design truly makes for one exhilarating viewing platform over the community.

Other features include two slide options from different heights, giving kids a chance to grow their confidence overtime, double swings and shade protection.

Known for their product quality and service reliability, Urban Play partners with well-known International play equipment brands KOMPAN and COROCORD to provide award winning custom solutions.

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