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Time, money and motivation are the main reasons attributed for our society not being more active, and socially disadvantaged groups are particularly affected.
Getting fit is so much more than an end goal in itself; it is a means to a better life. Regular physical activity strongly improves health, social connectedness, employability and productivity.
KOMPAN’s latest offering is about getting an inactive world moving. Through product and concept development, KOMPAN have incorporated what is needed to overcome physical barriers, resulting in a 3 layer training solution.
Carefully chosen combinations of training equipment and surfacing, that allows for hundreds of different exercises and programs for everyone.
To allow users of all ages, fitness levels and abilities to make optimal use of the training locations. KOMPAN offer the support of a fitness app and functions as an online personal trainer, guiding users on exercise and nutrition, while motivating them to stay active.
We believe the presence of on-site trainers will make all the difference to fully benefit from training potential and achieve optimal user retention.
Whether it be street workout, bootcamp, cross training or circuit training, the packages accommodate the needs of all ages within the community, and offer the most popular activity types.
For information on the new Cross System, contact our Play Consultants today.