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New Product Creates Those Little Moments

Posted on 08.12.2016 in Company News , KOMPAN , KOMPAN , New Products , Preschool , Products , Toddler

Introducing KOMPAN’s latest innovation in product development, MOMENTS Mini.

Designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers, this all-inclusive playground range offers maximum play value with the right age-appropriate challenges to stimulate social, cognitive and creative development.


In response to a need for play equipment that would support children’s development on a number of levels. Central to the concept of the MOMENTS Mini product range was the use of play panels that further heighten play value for this age-group.
The design includes innovative play panels that support, thinking skills, fine- and gross-motor skills, and much more. The perfect solution for developing toddlers and preschool children.


This commercial playground equipment underwent rigorous testing to ensure maximum functionality and play value. Prototype testing for children aged 0-6 years was applied in early childhood centres and in a special needs institute, to ensure all users – including users with disabilities – would benefit from the MOMENTS Mini range.


The MOMENTS Mini range is available in a choice of 3 designs and material selections:
o Wood Line | Pine wood posts and roof with water-based top coat
o EcoCore™ Line | Galvanised steel posts with powercoat finish + pine wood posts and EcoCore™ panels (recyclable HDPE material)
o Urban Line | Galvanised steel posts with powercoat finish + aluminium panels

Incorporating everything from inclined bridges, talk tubes, sand scoops, and tunnels – each representing an activity that caters to a specific development function – the multifaceted MOMENTS mini range has something for everyone.

To find out more about KOMPAN’s MOMENTS Mini range contact a Play Consultant at Urban Play 07 32 56 0554 or visit URBANPLAY.COM.AU