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NEW Kompan castle playground range fit for Kings and Queens

Posted on 09.02.2018 in Company News , playground , Playground Design , playground equipment , Products

Filled with action and adventures set for a King and Queen the NEW Kompan Castle playground range can accommodate any site and age range and provides hours of countless fairytales and adventures. The castles are packed full of fun on all levels and in every nook and cranny. Little knights can explore the dungeons, prison cells or caves below – or swing from the ramparts to defend their castle from a dragon!

The Castles are made from recycled and recyclable materials which keeps the Kompan castle safe and as good as new for years to come.

The Castle Spire Tower

This Castle Spire Tower is perfect for mini knights allowing them to have hours of adventure whilst training their motor skills. The climbing wall makes a challenging climb where kids can then view over their kingdom or fire the cannons to protect their throne. A sense of space and balance is stimulated by riding down the yellow slide to the lower dungeon. The seat in the dungeon lets kids rest in the shade while they protect their locked treasure chest.

The Castle Gatehouse

Fit for mini kings & queens, The Castle Gatehouse is a multi-level structure that supports children’s development in all major areas. All skill levels are looked after in the castle with multiple entry points that will train their gross motor skills such as the rope climbing ladder, castle steps or the fireman’s pole. Once in the castle, stimulation awaits with a port window that allows kids to peer out over their kingdom and interact in role play. Followed by a climb over the castles wobbly rope bridge, knights can fire the cannons at their enemies followed by sliding down the slide to unlock their treasure chest.

The Castle Castello

The huge four tower Castle Castello is brimming with hours of action and adventure. This castle offers a multitude of play activities to stimulate physical and emotional development. Multiple entry points allows children of various skill levels to defend their castle from their enemies. A rope ladder or steps leads mini kings or queens to the towers where interactive role-play awaits. A time panel, castle window and cannons makes for hours of themed play where mini knights can run or climb through the castles tunnel to the four towers. Escaping to the dungeons is easy by taking the two fire poles or the yellow slide. In the dungeons, knights can guard their treasure or play on the two panels that motivates gross motor skill development.

The Castle Watch Tower

Offering activities to stimulate motor skills and creative role-play is the Gate Watch Tower. Mini knights can climb the climbing ramp or brick climbing wall to enter the multi-level castle. Children can view their playground kingdom while defending their throne from their enemies using the canon. A quick escape to the castles dungeon can be made by a ride down the slide or climbing through the highest towers secret door down a fire pole. The castles dungeon features a slime wall and a hammock where mini knights can rest after defending their kingdom.

The Four Tower Castle

This is the ultimate kingdom, with four towers packed full of adventures for endless hours of play. The multi-level castle playground is bursting with fun on all levels, nooks and crannies. Children of various skill levels can enter the castle from the brick climbing wall or by scaling the rope climbing net or castle ladder. Mini knights can protect their kingdom with the cannon and twist their way over to the castles second tower. A quick escape to the treasure chest can be made down the slide or by running across the castles bridge to the third tallest tower where they can ride down the bannister bars and run into the slimey dungeon.

The Castle Fortress

Fit for a mini king and queen is The Castle Fortress with interactive play throughout the multi-level structure. Children can scale the curved rope climbing net to make their way into the second highest tower, followed by a thrilling slide down the bannister bars where they can wait on the hammocks in the dungeon and protect their treasure chest. Entry into the castle for various skilled children is easy with the steel ladder or brick climbing wall leading into the fortress. Knights can protect their kingdom with the cannons and for a quick escape from their enemies, slide down the firemans pole into the dungeon. By running through the secret dungeon door, mini knights can scale the curved climbing net and slide to safety out of the large steel slide.

The Keep Main Castle

The Keep Main Castle is over 6m high and filled with opportunities of endless action and adventure. This multi-level castle has incredible play value that stimulates children’s development. Entry into the castle is perfect for different skill levels with castle stairs leading into the first floor where children can then peer out the binoculars over their playground kingdom or defend their throne with the cannons, followed by a quick slide down the fireman’s pole towards the dungeon. Once in the dungeon, knights can protect their treasure chest and scale the climbing net into the castles tower followed by climbing the castles levels, whilst firing the cannons on the way up. A quick escape from their enemies and to protect their treasure can be made by sliding down the large steel slide.

The Keep Outer Gate

This castle is filled with activities on every level that are supporting social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Children can scale the climbing wall to the cannons to defend their castle from intruders, followed by running across the castle’s bridge to the second tower to shoot the second cannon. The double slide allows for mini kings and queens to slide down together to safety and to protect their treasure chest. A secret jail door leading into the dungeons makes for a fun adventure where kids can then through the slime door to the rope climbing ladder. Scaling the rope ladder can be followed by peering out the port hole and riding on the track ride to safety from their enemies.