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Five Play Pieces Perfect for Childcare Centre Playgrounds

Posted on 28.03.2017 in Childcare Playgrounds , Children's development , Company News

Play is essential for toddlers overall development. The coordination of gross motor skills and spatial understanding is trained when moving through varied play areas; moving up and down, above and below, over and under. Hand-eye coordination is trained through tactile and manipulative elements.

With that in mind, the following five play pieces are popular additions to childcare centre playgrounds, as they draw on children’s intrinsic playfulness and curiosity to help them learn through play.

Robinia | Nature Play

Nature Playgrounds are hugely popular in childcare play areas. Urban Play’s Organic Robinia range is inspired by the free forming shapes of nature and designed to create a play area that stimulates children’s curiosity in the natural environment. Constructed in KOMPAN’s world-class facility, master woodworkers produce awe inspiring works of art such as the ‘The Little Explorer Boat’ igniting the imagination through stunning themed playground designs.

Sand and Water | Sensory Play

Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which helps children tackle more complex learning tasks. And let’s not forget it’s just a lot of fun. This ‘Waterfall Sand and Water’ play piece is an ideal choice for a childcare setting as it has heaps of space for children to play together or own their own. It has three exciting sections; a water transport channel with a swivel handle, a rotating table with a sand sieve, and a funnel through which the water can splash down into a shallow basin.

Shop & Kitchen | Imaginative Play

This KOMPAN Moments range is made for early childhood education as it’s easy to assemble, compact in design and best of all, can be moved around the center for indoor and outdoor play.

With various themes, they appeal to children’s curiosity, with manipulative items that can be shifted, turned and opened to discover new play opportunities.

Play House with Balcony | Active Play

This inclusive design stimulates not only children’s physical development, but also their social, cognitive and creative development. Perfect for childcare centre playgrounds as the innovative play panels support thinking skills, fine and gross motor skills and work as a great prompts for learning through a structured session.

Slide | Classic Play

The classic slide has long been a loved element in any playground. Up and down, taking turns, faster or slower, there’s a reason this play piece stands the test of time. Developing children’s cooperation skills, helping children understand ‘cause and effect’ and building confidence, makes it a perfect addition to daycare centres.

We’re proud to partner with KOMPAN Playscapes who are well known for the KOMPAN Play Institute. Their sole focus is on child-centric designs and the results are age appropriate and inclusive play equipment of the highest quality.

KOMPAN play institute test products in collaboration with teachers and carers ensuring that all products are age appropriate and effective.