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How to Create Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Playgrounds

Posted on 01.09.2016 in Industry , Inspiration , KOMPAN

Here at Urban Play, we’re as dedicated to sustainability as we are to children’s play. We believe that it’s our responsibility to care for the environment today to ensure a better future for our children tomorrow. We are committed to building the highest quality, eco-friendly park, school, and destination playgrounds, and we have put together a how-to guide for creating sustainable children’s play equipment.

Create a Nature Playground

Nature Playgrounds are based on the concept that children benefit from being in natural surroundings and engaging with nature. According to the Canberra Nature Play Initiative, children who are involved in nature play are physically and mentally healthier, and develop greater creativity. Nature playgrounds involve play items created from natural materials like sand and wood, which are environmentally friendly to produce.

Choose Responsibly Sourced Materials

The Organic Robina range for outdoor play equipment is great for nature and commercial playgrounds alike, Robina wood has a unique shape evocative of tree-growth in nature. If you want a sustainable playground, make sure your builders and supplies carry the FSC responsible forestry seal of approval. What better than to create a play space for our children that ensures our forests stay healthy and air stays fresh for decades to come. As a natural material, Robina is biodegradable and easily disposed of at the end of its life. It also has its own natural preservatives, eliminating the use of harsh chemical treatments.

Get Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is not just about keeping your playground safe, functional and looking beautiful, it also lengthens the life of your playground. With regular maintenance, you’ll prevent premature breakage and reduce the need for future spending on repairs and replacements, effectively preserving resources.

…For playground maintenance tips, read our blog ‘How to Maintain Playground Safety

Use Recyclable Materials

Your playground can be built from recycled materials, it can be built with recycled materials, or it can be both. Look for play equipment that can be built from recyclable steel and aluminium, as well as 100% recycled or recyclable high density polyethylene (HDPE). Your play equipment should be built in such a way that when it’s time for disposal, it can be disassembled into its constituent parts and recycled accordingly. Like the FSC certificate for sustainable forestry, you can check for green certificates from builders and suppliers such as iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 18001. Watch out for older or cheaply made industrial playground equipment that lacks these features, because it will end up in a landfill.

Urban Play is proud to partner with KOMPAN where sustainability isn’t just an added benefit, it’s built into all products. Our commercial playgrounds are an investment, and all our equipment is designed and built for longevity.

For more information about our sustainable practices and playground products, feel free to call up for a chat on (07) 3256 0554 or email us at