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Unique play designs increases play duration
Unique play designs increases play duration10.02.2020

A study conducted by the KOMPAN Play institute look to investigate what makes a playground more visited and interesting from a user perspective. The study revealed that not only was the new playground a massive success, the visitation increased by 59%.

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New Outdoor Calisthenics Equipment
New Outdoor Calisthenics Equipment10.02.2020

The new street workout pro solutions from KOMPAN were designed in consultation with calisthenics athletes and experts. The new solutions offer a wide variety of exercises in single structures, perfect for when budgets and space are tight.

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Designing a playground? Consult the experts.
Designing a playground? Consult the experts.10.02.2020

For a playground to become a successful social hub that buzzes with activity and to be a space the community benefits from socially and economically, it needs to be designed by expert play consultants. There are two major factors that underpin a well-designed playground: play equipment that is user-tested and backed by years of research and development combined with functional design principles.

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3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…
3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…10.02.2020

Shopping centres are getting bigger and better every year due to increased rivalry from other centres, as well as the online shopping revolution. For shopping centres to remain competitive, retail developers are constantly reinvigorating and reinventing the typical shopping centre format to create a space that offers more than just shopping.

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2019 Playground Trends
2019 Playground Trends10.02.2020

Urban Play is at the fore-front of creating spaces that are integrate current and upcoming playground trends. Each year, playspaces are evolving from exposure to research, culture and landscape design. In 2019, major play trends will focus on; Collaborative Play, Sculptural Play and Nature Play.

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