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Keeping kids active at home | DIY Outdoor Obstacle Course
Keeping kids active at home | DIY Outdoor Obstacle Course30.03.2020

Race over, under, in-between and around obstacles in your own backyard. This play activity will not only get the heart rate up, it can be done as a team or individually and is guaranteed to be filled with giggles (when you catch your breath).

Children's development, Education, Inspiration
Designing a playground? Consult the experts.
Designing a playground? Consult the experts.30.03.2020

For a playground to become a successful social hub that buzzes with activity and to be a space the community benefits from socially and economically, it needs to be designed by expert play consultants. There are two major factors that underpin a well-designed playground: play equipment that is user-tested and backed by years of research and development combined with functional design principles.

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