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Outdoor Fitness Bike Wins Good Design Award
Outdoor Fitness Bike Wins Good Design Award09.09.2019

"Beautiful, considered design that is very innovative for this segment. All the components work really well together to deliver a really well designed and engineered product that will make a difference to the health and wellbeing of many people. Well done."

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3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…
3 reasons why your shopping centre needs a playground…09.09.2019

Shopping centres are getting bigger and better every year due to increased rivalry from other centres, as well as the online shopping revolution. For shopping centres to remain competitive, retail developers are constantly reinvigorating and reinventing the typical shopping centre format to create a space that offers more than just shopping.

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5 fitness pieces your community will love
5 fitness pieces your community will love09.09.2019

As developers focus on creating life-style driven developments to attract buyers, active spaces are now fundamental to this success.

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A new way of outdoor biking
A new way of outdoor biking09.09.2019

Combining advanced technology, durable design and the features of an indoor bike, we are proud to release the NEW Sports Bike and City Bike from KOMPAN. Their revolutionary design incorporates a self-powered electrical motor that creates resistance similar to a real road cycle and a world-first LCD Touchscreen on an outdoor fitness bike.

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The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Course
The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Course09.09.2019

“With over 200 exercises and the ability to fit 40 people at one time, this is the ultimate inter-generational fitness space. An innovative cross-training system surrounded by an obstacle course. The Ultimate Obstacle Course is the ideal fitness solution that offers cardiovascular and muscular endurance training that is functional and effective for all ages, abilities and fitness levels”

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