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A new way of outdoor biking

Posted on 06.03.2019 in Company News , KOMPAN , Products

Cycling is one of the most cardiovascular exercises, both in Australia and around the world. It is safe, effective, and everyone knows how to ride a bike!

Design features

Made for the outdoors

The bike is designed and manufactured for the outdoor environment, meaning it is durable and resistant against weather, vandalism and general wear-and-tear. Only the highest materials are selected for all components from handle bar to pedal arm, ensuring the bike looks and feels great, even after heavy use in unsupervised public spaces.

Digital Motivation

Motivation is a crucial factor in reaching one’s exercise goals. Users can connect to the KOMPAN Cardio App where they can view instructional videos and workouts, track and save their rides, ride virtual roads in picturesque locations or compete against their friends.

For more information about our outdoor fitness equipment please contact the Urban Play office on 3256 0554 or info@urbanplay.com.au