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5 fitness pieces your community will love

Posted on 16.04.2019 in Company News , KOMPAN

As developers focus on creating life-style driven developments to attract buyers, active spaces are now fundamental to this success. For the active spaces to be successful, the design needs to focus on creating a space where the whole family can spend the day soaking up the sunshine, being active, playing, spending time together and most of all, having fun!

Playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and sports courts are the perfect solution for whole family fun. From toddlers right through to seniors, it is essential the active space engages all generations. Our vast range of outdoor fitness equipment is catered to various ages, encouraging them to get involved in an active lifestyle. Choosing the right equipment is essential to attracting buyers, increasing land prices and creating a space the whole community will love!

Designed from fitness fanatics to beginners, our range of outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for various ages and abilities. Here are our top 5 fitness pieces that are a favourite with communities.

1. Multi Use Games Arena

Home to family rivalries, cheering and boasting, our Sports Courts are one of our best selling items. Basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, soccer, hockey, badminton & more can be played on these outdoor courts. With the ability to customise size, colour, sport hoops and entries,  there are over 40,000 combinations making them suitable for council parks, schools and residential developments.

2. Cross System 

With over 90 exercises targeted at all fitness abilities and a small footprint, this fitness system is perfect for any space. Equipped with magnetic bells, a suspension trainer and parallel bars, the FAZ203 Cross Training system has been a massive hit with council parks and residential developments. The parallel bars can be used for dips, push ups and pull ups with the various heights of the bars catering to different fitness levels. The magnetic bells can be used similar to kettle bells or a medicine ball. Exercises such as the upright row, shoulder press and weighted squats can be performed, with the magnets in the bells allowing them to increase resistance by increasing the speed of movement. The suspension trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on which all muscles groups can be trained in a functional and effective way. The intensity of each exercise can be determined by adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance. Supported by a digital app that guides users on nutrition, provides videos on how to use equipment and lets you track your progress, this piece of outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for a park!

3. Ping Pong Table

With the ability to be customised and in three architectural styles, our ping pong tables have been a massive hit with developers. Our outdoor ping pong tables breathe life into public spaces through ping pong, vibrant colours, DIY artwork, physical activity and social connectivity. Our POPP tables help create authentic, active and engaging outdoor spaces and generate value for communities. In three architectural styles and the ability to be customised, they make any outdoor space POPP and are fun and engaging for families. 

4. Circuit Training

Offering a variety of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises, this training circuit is perfect for all fitness levels. The equipment is adjusted to their own fitness level by the hydraulic resistance system. Featuring the Squat / shoulder press / lat pull down, cross trainer, stretch bar, twist and step, chest press and horizontal row, outdoor bike and the wobble and swing. 

5. Outdoor Bicycle

This revolutionary bike will take developments by storm. Host an outdoor spin class for residents or place them near the playground for parents to exercise while they watch their kids. Fitted with an LCD touchscreen users can track their time, calories and resistance.

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